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Section 137 – Rules, Violations and Penalties

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

  1. RULE VIOLATIONS. Students who violate the rules in the specific athletic plans shall be subject to the penalty in the specific athletic plan, or subject to the range of penalties applicable to student representatives in Sections 23 and 24.  The regulations in the ath­letic plans govern all varsity and sub-varsity teams and contestants.  Ninth grade (whether in junior high, on a separate campus, or with other high school grades) and other sub-varsity teams and contestants are restricted to the same game limitations, season, etc. as the varsity team.
  2. ELIGIBILITY RULES. In addition to rules in individual sports plans, each varsity team and athlete shall observe all rules contained in Article V of the Constitution.
  3. MINIMUM PENALTY FOR USING INELIGIBLE PLAYER. In the event an ineli­gible contestant is used in any TAPPS game or contest, knowingly or unknowingly, the minimum penalty shall be forfeiture of the game, contest or event.
  4. UNATTACHED PARTICIPATION. In any school sponsored athletic meet or tournament, TAPPS school students shall not be permitted to enter unless prior approval is obtained from their high school and the sponsoring school.  The penalty for violation of this rule shall be assessed against the high school sponsoring the meet.