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Section 3 – Scheduling Restrictions/Accommodation


  1. In order to provide at least one day of respite from involvement in interscholastic activities each week, TAPPS and TAPPS member schools shall not schedule contests or practices on Sunday. Travel on Sundays is a decision left to the governance of each member school.
  2. Schools founded on religious tenets that observe the Sabbath other than Sunday may schedule practice or competition on Sunday provided they have notified TAPPS of this request prior to September 1 of each year.
  3. Under no circumstance shall a school schedule practice or competition which would require the student athlete to participate for seven (7) consecutive days.
  4. TAPPS shall not schedule practice or contests on Christmas and Easter.
  5. Individual member schools shall establish their competition schedules in keeping with their individual guiding principles and governance.
  6. In determining contests dates, member schools should demonstrate the utmost respect for other member schools’ religious observances governing the schools ability to participate.
    • No member school shall be required to participate on a day of Sabbath observance or a day of traditional religious holidays, to include but not limited to the following:
      • Christmas, Easter, Yom Kippur.
      • This requirement applies to contest, practices and travel.
    • Schedules subject to change in consideration for those schools submitting a request for accommodation for religious observance include
      • District
      • Post-District
      • State
    1. State Contests
      • Any request for accommodation for religious observance must be forwarded to the TAPPS office
    • Based on the nature of the individual competitions, competitors must compete on the same day and conditions as all other contestants.
    • Individual contests are therefore not subject to accommodation for religious observance.
    • District, Regional and State competition schedules shall be construed so that religious days of observation are considered when setting the dates of competition.
    • Weather related or other emergency situations, which by nature are not planned nor predictable, may necessitate changes that conflict with religious days of observance.