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Section 132 – School Authority

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

  1. SCHOOL AUTHORITY RESPONSIBLE.  Responsibility for the proper administration, contracts, arrangements, control and scheduling of athletic contests in all member schools shall be under the supervision of the superintendent or a designated administrator.
  2. PREVIOUS SUSPENSION. The TAPPS Executive Board shall forfeit any contest won by an individual or school if it finds a school employee previously suspended under Section 23 participated on behalf of the individual or school in the contest plan while prohibited from doing so under order of the TAPPS Executive Board.
  3. COACH OR ADULT SUPERVISOR. No student shall represent his or her school at any time in connection with TAPPS competition unless accom­panied by a coach or another appointed member of the school faculty.  The coach or sponsor must have completed SCOPE and training for the activity in question. Exception: A non-school employee may serve as the adult supervisor of students when ap­pointed by the administrator in areas where no coaching/directing takes place.  These individuals may provide the transportation to and from the activity and be responsible for the supervision of partici­pants.
  4. PROFESSIONAL ACKNOWLEDGMENT FORM. All personnel coaching in grades 9-12 shall sign a Professional Acknow­ledgment Form prior to the beginning of their coaching responsibilities each school year. These forms shall be on file in the superinten­dent’s office or designated location at the TAPPS member school.