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Section 219 – Science Contest

Fine Art By-Laws
Sections 199-263

All rules in Section 209 apply to this contest.

    • Purpose.  The purpose of the Science Contest is to challenge high school students to do a wide range of reading in the areas of science, to gain an understanding of the significance of experiments rather than to recall obscure details, to be alert to new discoveries and information in the areas of science, to gain an understanding of the basic principles as well as knowledge of the history and philosophy of science, and to foster a sense of enthusiasm about science and how it affects our daily lives.
    • Test Questions.  The 90-minute test will consist of 60 objective-type questions, 20 from each of the three subject areas of biology, chemistry and physics, designed to test the student’s understanding of basic principles; the history and methods of science; recent developments in science; and ability to evaluate experimental results, rather than ability to memorize details.  A periodic table and some useful mathematical relations are included at the front of the test.

Student May Use Calculators. Contestants will be allowed to use any commercial silent hand-held calculator that does not require external power.  Each student may bring one spare calculator into the contest room.  Hand held computers are not allowed.


  • Reading the Contest Instructions.  The contest director will read the following directions exactly as they are printed.
    • Turn off your cell phone and any other electronic devices besides permitted calculators and place them on the edge of the table in front of you. You may not use your electronic device(s) in any manner during the contest. If your device(s) make any noise or if you use your device(s) in any manner, you will be disqualified.
    • Print your name, school, and school classification in the directed place on your test and answer sheet.  Failure to write your name and school may result in disqualification.  (Allow time for this to be done).
    • Indicate your answers using capital letters on the appropriate blank provided on the answer sheet.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 
    • Keep your papers closed until told to do otherwise; this is particularly important while test papers are being distributed and before the signal to begin has been given.
    • During the test, no questions may be asked or answered.  Any contestant talking or making distracting noises may be disqualified.
    • Leaving the room with any contest materials will result in disqualification.
    • Transferring information concerning this test to other contestants or coaches is a violation of the Academic Meet Code and subject to penalties up to and including disqualification.
    • You will be allowed the use of calculators on this test.
    • You have 90 minutes for this test. If you are in the process of writing down an answer, you may finish; you may not do additional work on a test question.
    • No audible time warnings will be given once the contest begins. It is the responsibility of each contestant to monitor the time remaining in the contest with a device that does not connect to the internet or make audible sounds. 
    • You will receive plus six points for each correct answer and two points shall be deducted for an incorrect answer.  No points will be given or subtracted for unanswered questions.
    • If you finish the test before the end of the allotted time, you may leave the room quietly. No talking or distracting noises will be permitted.  Turn in all your test material as you leave.
    • You may place as many notations as you desire anywhere on the test paper except on the answer sheet, which is reserved for answers only.  You may use additional scratch paper provided by the contest director.
  • Stop and Start Signals. Exactly 90 minutes after the start signal was given, announce that time has expired and that contestants must turn in their test and answer sheet.
  • Grading the Contest.  Each contestant shall be awarded six points for each question answered correctly and two points shall be deducted for an incorrect answer.  No points will be given or subtracted for unanswered questions.
  • The top Biology, Chemistry, and Physics scorers will be recognized in addition to the top 8 scoring students and will receive gold medals for this achievement. No additional points will be awarded to these students. 
  • Tie Breaker – In the event of a tie, the formula is: percent accuracy = number of problems correct divided by number of problems attempted.  The contestant with the highest percent accuracy shall be awarded the higher place.  If the percent accuracy scores are the same, then a tie exists.