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Section 58 – Classification based on enrollment


  1. ENROLLMENT. Participant schools shall be assigned to a classification on the basis of an average enrollment of three dates taken from the previous school year and one date
    taken from the current school year. The formula used to determine enrollment shall be:
    1. Enrollment Dates and Calculation.
    a. Enrollment on each of the three (3) transfer deadlines from the previous school year for grades 9-12;
    b. three times the enrollment on the Fall transfer deadline of the current school year for grades 9-12;
    c. the sum of a. and b. above to be divided by six to produce the average enrollment used in determining classification for the next two year cycle.
    2. The alignment cycle shall begin the Fall of the next even numbered school year. Other formulas may be reviewed by the Executive Board or appointed committee for use in
    the classification process.
    3. Enrollment of New Participant School. New schools shall be assigned to a classification based on 1) previous enrollment figures; 2) current enrollment; or 3) projected enrollment as determined by the Executive Board.
    B. CLASSIFICATIONS (CLASSES). Participating high schools shall be divided into classifications for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school years according to the following enrollments:

2018-20 General Alignment Table

Classification Minimum Maximum
6A  380 and up 
5A  218 379
4A  141 217
3A  100 140
2A  71 99
1A  up to 70