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Section 162 – Six Man Football Qualifications

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

  1. SCHOOLS.  Only those schools approved by the TAPPS Executive Board shall be eligible to compete in Six Man Football.
    1. Schools aligned in 4A or above shall compete for the Division I championship.
    2. Schools aligned in 3A or below shall compete for the Division II or III championship.
  2. STATE FINALS. See Section 141 – Play-off Format, 6-Man Football
  3. PLAY-OFF SITE. (See play off format in Section 141)
  4. General Football Rules found in Section 158 apply to 6-man and 11-man football rules.
    • Starting date for football conditioning is shown on the current TAPPS Calendar
      • Fall Practice Schedule
        1. For the first three days of fall practice, schools are limited to no pads or contact activity. Helmets may be worn during this time.
        2. Schools may not schedule more than three practices in any two day period, nor more than two practices in any one day.
          • If two practices are scheduled on day one, day two is limited to one practice session.
          • No school may schedule nor require a student to participate in more than three practices in any two day period regardless of level of participation.
        3. On days when two practices are held, the padded session shall not last longer than three hours. the other session shall not last longer than two hours and limited to
          • no conditioning
          • no contact activities
          • no player equipment –helmets may not be worn during this time
          • there shall be a minimum break of at least two hours between sessions
        4. On days when one practice is held
          • the session shall not last longer than three hours
        5. The following activities are considered practice activities or practice
          • On field practice
          • Sport specific instruction
          • Mandatory conditioning
        6. The following are not considered practice activities
          • Film Study
          • Meetings
          • Water Breaks
          • Rest Breaks
          • Injury Treatment
          • Voluntary conditioning (May not be coach directed or supervised)
          • Weight Training
      • Equipment may be issued prior to the fourth day of practice.
        1. The TAPPS football season shall consist of 11 playing dates.
        2. Schools may schedule 10 varsity contests
        3. There must be five (5) days between varsity contests.  This includes both scrimmages and games.
        1. Schools will be allowed a total of fourteen days to conduct contact football drills/practice,
          1. including full pads and helmets
          2. and must be completed before school is out for the summer.
        2. No interschool scrimmages are allowed during spring football
        3. Participation
          1. Students not enrolled and attending the member school may not participate in Spring Football.