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Section 170 – Soccer Qualifications

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

  1. DIVISIONS – FALL. There shall be one division for Boys Fall Soccer.
  2. DIVISIONS – WINTER. See Section 141
    • Girls Winter Soccer Div. I

      Girls Winter Soccer Div. II

      Girls Winter Soccer Div. III

    • Boys Winter Soccer Div. I

      Boys Winter Soccer Div. II

      Boys Winter Soccer Div. III

    • Boys must participate on boys’ teams; girls must participate on girls’ team. Girls shall be allowed to participate on the boys’ Fall team if the school does not have Girls’ Winter Soccer.
    • Schools and/or individuals may compete in either Fall or Winter soccer, but not both.
  3. Starting Date.
    • Starting dates for
      1. practices,
      2. scrimmages,
      3. first playing date,
      4. and district certification are stated on the current TAPPS Calendar.
  4. Number of Games and Tournaments
    • Definition of approved teams – see section 138
    • No team shall compete in
      • more than three (3) individual tour­naments,
      • plus 20 games in a season, up to and including the last date for certifying district champions.
    • Schools may
      • substitute two (2) games for each tournament dropped
      • or add an additional tournament for each 2 dropped games.  These changes should be clearly noted on the school’s official schedule.
    • A district tournament or district play-off does not count as one of the three tournaments.
    • Scheduling:
      • No games may be scheduled prior to the date listed on the current year’s TAPPS calendar.
      • The season ends as outlined in Section 139.D.4 of the manual.
      • No games may be scheduled after the certification date, except by teams who are in the playoffs.
      • No additional games may be played by a team once it has been eliminated from the playoffs.
      • Sub –Varsity teams may not play games after the certification date listed on the current year’s TAPPS Calendar.
    • All District games must be played and all District games count as varsity games on the schedule.
    • No game is to be scheduled on Sunday.
  5. SELECTION FOR PLAY-OFFS. All divisions, both Fall and Winter Soccer, see Section 141
    • Two Schools Tied.  To resolve a two-way tie, the district executive committee may authorize a single elimination game.
    • Three or More Schools Tied.  If three or more schools are tied, the district executive committee may authorize a tournament provided only two matched games have been played that week.
    • The District President shall certify the district champion and other play-off qualifiers to the TAPPS office by the deadline shown on the current year TAPPS calendar.
    • The District President shall certify All-District Teams by the date shown on the current year’s TAPPS calendar.