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Soccer Recommended Pay Scale


TAPPS approves this recommended pay scale for the 2017-18 school year. TAPPS recognizes that member schools and local chapters may need the flexibility to determine a pay rate that both consider fair and appropriate which deviates from this schedule. Additionally, TAPPS supports the use of game/season contracts between schools and chapters. TAPPS supports the officials working for our member schools and will assist in the enforcement of signed contracts in the event of dispute.


  Referee Assistant Referee
Scrimmage Neg Neg
Regular Season Games $65 $50
Playoff Games    
Area $90 $60
Regional $100 $65
Semifinal $125 $70
Championship $125 $75

Travel (Each official based from the center point of the chapter)
0-30 Mile Radius $15
31-40 Mile Radius $20
More than 40 Miles To be negotiated between school and officials