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Section 171 – Soccer Rules

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

N.F.H.S. RULES WILL APPLY (with the following TAPPS exceptions).

  1. PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES.  See Section 138.
  2. OFFICIALS.  See Section 134. 
    • Officials for TAPPS contests must be assigned by a TAPPS approved organization as listed on the TAPPS website.
    • Game Administration
      • Officials shall meet with both head coaches at least 15 minutes prior to TAPPS games to exchange rosters and discuss sportsmanship.
      • Officials shall promptly report and participant who receives two yellow cards or a red card to the TAPPS office. Both coaches will report the incident. Failure to report an ejection will result in sanctions against the school involved.
    • The length shall consist of
      • two 40 minute halves;
      • a 10 minute half time;
      • In the event a game cannot be concluded, NFHS Rule Soccer Rule 7.3 as outlines below:
        1. If prior to halftime, the game will be considered a no contest and  begin as if the contest had not started.
        2. If at or after halftime,
          • The game is an official contest if one team is leading.
          • Is considered a suspended contest and will begin from the point of suspension if the score is tied.
    • If the game remains tied at the end of regulation play, the game shall be resolved by the Golden Goal Rule.
      • Teams will play a 10 minute overtime; however, the game will end when one team scores.
      • If neither team scores, a second 10 minute overtime will be played with the game ending if either team scores.
      • If neither team scores the Golden Goal, the game shall be decided by penalty kicks.
      • Overtime rules shall be in effect as written above in all TAPPS playoff contests. Districts may select method to break ties.
  4. OFFICIAL BALL    Game ball will be as indicated in section 138-Playing Rules.
    • A Player or Coach earning two (2) YELLOW CARDS (which becomes a RED CARD) in a game will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game.  This includes all actions as listed under NFHS Rule 12.8.1.
    • A Player or Coach earning five (5) YELLOW CARDS in a season will not be eligible to participate in Post District Competition.
    • Teams earning (20) YELLOW CARDS in a season will not be eligible to participate in Post District Competition. Only those yellow cards earned in varsity competition will count towards the maximum allowable number of twenty.
    • A Player or Coach earning one (1) RED CARD will not be eligible to participate in the next scheduled contests.
    • A Player or Coach earning two (2) or more RED CARDS in a season will not be eligible to participate in a minimum of the next five (5) scheduled games.
    • Teams earning three (3) RED CARDS will result in the Head Coach and Athletic Director meeting with the TAPPS office prior to the next scheduled game.
    • Teams earning four (4) RED CARDS in a season will not be eligible to participate in Post District Competition.
    • Section 141 of the TAPPS By-Laws discusses the bracket and game sites.
    • The hosting team shall be designated as the home team in contests hosted at a school site.
    • In the event of a Neutral Site game, a coin flip shall be used to determine Home Team.
    • The Home Team is responsible for furnishing the official WILSON (WTE9906XB   Forte Fybrid II) game balls. A minimum of three balls should be presented for play.
  7. REGIONAL AND SEMI-FINAL GAMES.  Regional and semi-final games shall be played as indicated on the date shown on the current calendar, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon to play at an earlier date.  Any extension of the date must be approved in advance by the TAPPS office.
    • For bi-district, area, and regional games shall be determined by teams included.
    • Admission at State Tournament shall be determined by TAPPS.
    • TAPPS Events Passes accepted with photo ID
    • At bi-district, area, regional and semi-final games, gate receipts after expenses, shall be divided between the two schools, unless mutually agreed before the game.
  9. ADDITIONAL REGIONAL AND SEMI-FINAL INFORMATION.  Officials and other details of regional and semi-final games shall be decided upon by mutual agreement of the teams involved. Expenses of regional and semi-final games shall be shared by teams involved, unless otherwise a­greed upon, before the game (see Section 141).
  10. REPORT RESULTS.  The coach of the winning team of each play-off game shall report the score as soon as possible after conclusion of the contest in TAPPSter.
  11. ROSTERS.  Team rosters of play-off qualifiers must be in the TAPPS STATE OFFICE by the deadline to be included in the state championship programs. Late forms will not be accepted. The roster form on the TAPPS web site will be the only form accepted by the state office.
  12. CHAMPIONSHIP SITE AND TIME. The State Soccer Championship shall be played at the times and location shown on the current year bracket.
  13. ARRANGEMENTS FOR CHAMPIONSHIP.  The TAPPS State Office shall be responsible for all arrangements for the state tournament; officials, gate keepers, security, programs and T-Shirt s­ales (where possible), purchase and presentation of awards.  The TAPPS official ball will be used in the state tournament.
    • Plaques shall be awarded as follows:
      • State Champion
      • State Runner up
    • Individual State Champion Medallions for Players on program roster, up to 30
    • Individual State Runner up Medallions for Players on program roster, up to 30
    • Champion and Runner-up teams may purchase additional medallions from the TAPPS State office for $10.00 each.