Band, Choir, Orchestra:

Solo and Ensemble entries due Feb. 20

1) Coach Compliance completed through Rank One.  Contact your Athletic Director for access.

  • Teacher account created
  • TAPPS Acknowledgement of Rules complete.
  • TAPPS SCOPE training complete.

2) Student Eligibility completed through Rank One.

  • Parents should complete the TAPPS Student Profile.
  • Parents should complete the TAPPS Signature page.
  • All students must be shown as ELIGIBLE by contest date. 

3) Entry created on Entries link in TAPPSter by deadline

  • On Student Link
    • Highlight the column on the spreadsheet view of your activity
    • Check each student on the spreadsheet as in the activity. 
    • If any students are missing, click the Add New Student Button at the top left.
  • On Entry Link
    • Highlight your activity
    • Click add new entry button at the top Left. 
    • Choose an entry type 
    • Complete the required information
    • Save.  Repeat for each entry.