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Sources of Income

TAPPS sources of income are as follows:

  1. membership dues (based on the school overall classification)
    1. 1A $300
    2. 2A $350
    3. 3A $400
    4. 4A $450
    5. 5A $550
    6. 6A $550
  2. event fees (a fee is charges for each activity entered);
  3. contest fees ( an entry fee may be charged for those events designated by the Executive Board); 
  4. publication sales (programs);
  5. filing fees (new school applica­tions, appeals, etc);
  6. admission – gate at the prices established by the Executive Board;
  7. proceeds from radio and television broadcasting and telecasting con­tracts;
  8. merchandise sales; and
  9. income from advertising and licensi­ng the use of trademarks and logos.