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Speech Coach Checklist


  1. Register your students in TAPPSter. 
  2. Prepare the notebook you will turn in at registration to your speech Classification Coordinator.
    1. Please make sure your notebook is CLEARLY labeled with the name of your school on the spine or cover.
    2. The notebook should include dividers for each contest and contain the following:
      1. Speech Certification Form – complete with all signatures
      2. Appropriate documentation
        1. Cover Page
        2. Copyright Page
        3. Table of Contents
        4. and/or ISBN for a book that is not in the possession of the director. 
      3. The actual piece in its entirety with cuttings clearly marked.
      4. For those pieces entered in Original Oratory – please make sure the students highlight the portions of their speech that are direct quotations.
  3. For students competing in Persuasive Speaking, remind them as they prepare they can have laptops and tablets but no phones and will NOT have access to the internet or wi-fi – all articles must be already be present on the device. All hard copies of articles must have the URL clearly present on the article.
  4. Sign-up as many judges as possible.  In an effort to panel ALL contests we will need a LARGE number of judges.  This is completed through TAPPSter under the Sign-Up Button.  Remember, the more judges provided the more likely your classification is to receive a panel.  Judges from your school will NOT adjudicate events in your classification.  

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