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Spirit FAQs

How are Cheer Divisions Determined? The divisions for Cheer are by School size and Squad size (number of girls as determined by entry into TAPPSter). The TAPPS Cheer competition shall be organized by Divisions.

  1. Division I (5A/6A)  Large Squads 17 or more
  2. Division I (5A/6A)  Small Squads 16 or less
  3. Division II (1A/2A/3A/4A)  Large Squads 13 or more
  4. Division II (1A/2A/3A/4A)  Small Squads 12 or less
  5. Spirit Squad (1A/2A/3A/4A/5A/6A) no size limit

May I enter a regular Division and a Spirit Squad? Schools may only enter 1 Varsity team choosing 1 category.  For 2018-2019 season, Jr Varisty or Second teams may enter either the Performance Squad or Spirit Squad categories, which will perform on Friday, Jan 11.  Jr High teams as well has high school teams will have an opportunity to participate at the FCC Cheer Championship on Jan 12. 

May I enter the FCC Cheer Championship if we didn’t go to their camp? Yes,  All schools are invited to attend the FCC Cheer Championship on Jan 12.  This includes: High School and Middle Schools teams of various levels. 

How are Dance Divisions Determine?The divisions for Dance are by School Size and Squad size (number of girls as determined by entry into TAPPSter). The TAPPS Dance competition shall be organized by Divisions.

  1. Division I (5A/6A)  Large Squads 15 or more
  2. Division I (5A/6A)  Small Squads 14 or less
  3. Division II (1A/2A/3A/4A)  no size limit.  As more teams compete, division may be split.

Do we participate in more than one Dance style? School must choose two dance styles in which to compete.  One dance style will be performed in the morning, the other dance style will perform later in the day.   Dance styles include: Pom, Jazz, Lyrical, Kick

Can I pick some students to dance 1 routine and different girls for the second routine?

The intent of TAPPS Dance is to have the same team for both routines. Substitutions of alternates are meant for last minute changes due to inability to perform. All students expected to perform should be listed as ‘on squad’ when registering. 70% of your team must perform both of your routines.

Is this a 1 or 2 day competition? 

Two days for Cheer.  Each squad will perform round 1 on day 1 and round 2 on day 2.  

One Day for Dance.  Each squad will perform one dance in the morning and the other dance later in the day. 

What is the Cheer schedule or plan for the day? Once we have the registered entries we will be able to determine a more specific schedule for each division. Squads will be scheduled randomly on Day 1 in their division time block.  For Day 2 we will schedule based on low score to high score within the pre-determined division time block.  

What time can I enter the building? Information yet to be determined. 

How do I bring my music? Please bring a copies of your music on multiple devices that can fit a 3.5mm head phone jack. In general, these include most smart phones, iPods and other music devices. iPads and many tablets also work.  

Are my additional safety spotters in addition to my back spots?  Yes. Your back spots are members of your team and on your roster to make your stunts legal, as required per NFHS rules.  However, if you would like to provide additional safety spotters, you may bring up to 5 additional people to do so. These safety spotters should be on the roster if a student, but designated as spotters only, so that they are not included in the # performing. Safety spotters should wear black and stand at the back of the mat and only come onto the performing surface when stunting is performed to catch stunts which are falling, in order to keep a competitor from hitting the ground. 

How do I know if a stunt is “legal”? The best place to find an official or answer a question is at, and you can ask from them about AACCA and NFHS. (This competition abides by NFHS, which has a few more rules than AACCA.) For ALL Judging Inquires, Please Email our Texas Rules & Legality Coordinator at  We highly recommend submitting a video either route you go because even a pause in a stunt between two elements can be the difference between legal and illegal.  

When will we receive the score sheets back? There will be a pick up station once they are finished with tabulation and should be available shortly after performances.  

Will there be a warm-up area? Yes, there will be scheduled official warm-up areas. Warm-up stations include:

Station 1: Stretching 10 min

Station 2: Tumbling 5 min

Station 3: Stunting: 5 min

Station 4: Walk-through 5 min

Will FCC do a video critique at this event? Yes.  Verbal Video Routine Critique for each team will be done by FCC staff and given to each coach after day one of team performances. 

Will this be broadcast live? Yes, details will be posted the week of the event with a link for your fans to view online.   As part of this, there will be no filming allowed in the performance areas.

Where is the event? 

Bell County Expo

301 W Loop 121

Belton, TX 76513


What is the cost to watch? Adults are $15, students/Senior citizens are $10.  

What food is available? Information yet to be determined. 

 I’m interested in this year’s competition. How do I find out more information? Please make sure you are added to for your school as the cheer or dance coach and we will send you all information as decisions are made and meetings are scheduled.