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Spirit Rules – Cheer



    1. TAPPS Spirit competitions shall be governed by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Spirit rules for the current year.

    2. Although the Spirit competition is a team activity, for TAPPS purposes, the following practice guidelines shall be enforced:

      1. For TAPPS purposes spirit competition shall be a Fine Art activity.

      2. Spirit groups, as a Fine Art activity, are not subject to the Fall Dead Week provisions.

      3. There will be no start or end date for this activity.

      4. There shall be no organized practice or instruction by school personnel on Sunday. This provision is subject to appeal in accordance with Section 3 of the TAPPS By-Laws. 

    3. The TAPPS Spirit competition will be an open qualifier.  Schools in good standing and having paid the event and entry fee will be eligible to compete.

    4. Dates for Competition

      1. The Spirit contest shall be held as a Fall activity as listed on TAPPS Calendar

      2. Schools shall indicate participation on the Annual Contract

  •  State Cheerleading Competition Guidelines

  • Time Limitation

  • 2 ½ Minutes maximum for routine
  • 1 ½ Minutes minimum for routine
  • 90 second time limit for music
  • Timing

b. Competition Area i. 42’ X 54’ mat ii. Out of bounds is any part of the body touching the gym floor. c. Music i. Must be provided by the school ii. Schools must provide personnel to begin and end music iii. Music may be tested immediately prior to the performance iv. TAPPS personnel will not be responsible for playing music for the competition v. Music shall not contain inappropriate or suggestive language. vi. Music with inappropriate language removed, muted or overdubbed shall not be allowed. vii. TAPPS is the final authority in determination of music acceptability. d. Auxiliary Equipment i. Appropriate equipment may be used including but not limited to 1. Poms 2. Signs a. All NFHS rules to sign usage shall apply b. No antagonistic or negative signs shall be allowed c. Signs shall not be thrown or tossed off the performance floor during the competition 3. Banners 4. Flags 5. And Megaphones ii. Point deductions shall be enforced for littering or damage of the performance area (no glitter or confetti). e. Mascot shall be counted as part of the squad and counted towards the maximum number allowed in competition f. Spotter – TAPPS does not provide spotters i. Up to five (5) additional students may be used for spotters ii. Spotters may not 1. Use motions 2. Perform jumps to tumbling 3. Use signs 4. Use props 5. Use pom-poms 6. Use of megaphones iii. Spotters shall dress in a similar fashion to squad participants but do not have to have the identical uniform.