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Spirit Rules – Dance

A. State Dance Guidelines
a. Time
i. Limitations for prop routines
1. 3 minutes maximum for set up (if necessary)
2. 1 1/2 minute minimum time for routine
3. 4 minutes maximum for routine
4. 3 minutes maximum for strike time (if necessary)
5. Point deductions will be made for time violations
ii. Timing begins
1. With first step across the boundary line
2. First musical note
iii. Timing ends with last step across the boundary line

b. Competition Area
i. Maximum area is no larger than 50’ x 94’ (basketball court)
ii. The area may be reduced to accommodate the competition site limitations
iii. If the area is reduced, all schools shall be notified in advance of the competition

c. Music
i. Must be provided by the school
ii. Schools must provide personnel to begin and end music
iii. Music may be tested immediately prior to the performance
iv. TAPPS personnel will not be responsible for playing music for the competition
v. Music shall not contain inappropriate or suggestive language.
vi. Music with inappropriate language removed, muted or overdubbed shall not be allowed.
vii. TAPPS is the final authority in determination of music acceptability.

d. Auxiliary Equipment
i. Lighting changes and special effects for lighting are not allowed
ii. Appropriate equipment may be used including but not limited to
1. Pom
2. Signs
3. Banners
4. Flags
5. Additional materials as approved by the Spirit Leadership Committee prior to the competition
iii. Props are not allowed