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  1. What color spike tape do I need to bring? Spike tape is being provided to you at rehearsal.


  1. Is there a holding room for our school?  The “Holding Rooms” will be assigned during rehearsal, and one of our volunteers will show the school exactly how to get from the theater to the room and back.
  2. Will we have access to the holding room for the duration of the meet, or just during our tech and performance time? The room will be available from about 8am to 6pm.  Because this contest is longer than usual, we’re working on having the holding rooms later than 6, but I can’t promise that right now.  The holding room will not be locked, but will be inside a church on the 2nd floor.  We’ve had no problems thus far.
  3. How big is the holding room; I have 22 students? The rooms are “small classroom” sized.  We’ve had groups larger than 22 in some cases.
  4. Will there be food available on site?  We will have concessions all day during the performance day.