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Student Eligibility

The following chart offers a quick reference for determining student eligibility.
This information does not replace the actual wording of the TAPPS Constitution or
By Laws. Students who do not meet the criteria for eligibility are not eligible to
participate in TAPPS Extra Curricular activities. There is no appeal available to the
member schools nor opportunity for board relief of the provisions in Article V.

School Year

Student is not Eligible if the Student Date of Birth is Prior to *

Student is not Eligible if the Student Enrolled in Ninth Grade in **

2017-2018 9/1/98 2013
2018-2019 9/1/99 2014
2019-2020 9/1/00 2015
2020-2021 9/1/01 2016
2021-2022 9/1/02 2017
2022-2023 9/1/03 2018

Article V           * 19 years old prior to September 1
                         ** Four years from date of enrollment in ninth grade
By – Laws
Section 84      ** Four Year Normal Program of High School Courses
Section 88           Burden of Proof for Eligibility