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Section 178 – Swim Championship Meets

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

NFHS Rules will govern TAPPS Swim competitions. The regional meets as well as the State Meet are considered championship meets. In addition, TAPPS rules state:

  1. PARTICIPATION.  No school may participate in TAPPS swimming/diving unless indicated on the current annual contract and appropriate fees paid.
    • There shall be three divisions for high school boys
      • Division I 6A
      • Division II 5A
      • Division III  4A/3A/2A/1A combined
    • There shall be three divisions for high school girls
      • Division I 6A
      • Division II 5A
      • Division III – 4A/3A/2A/1A combined
  3. BOYS/GIRLS RESTRICTIONS.  Girls and boys will not compete against each other.  This includes relays.
    • Regional Meets.
      • Events will be swum in dual meet format order and will run as timed finals.
      • All Divisions will swim together in an event, not by Division.
      • We will alternate events. Girls first and then boys.
      • Scoring will be done by 3 Divisions for Boys and Girls, by Team.
      • There are three Regions – North, Central and East (determined by TAPPS).
      • Scoring to 8th place. 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Double for relays.
      • Entries must be submitted using Hy-tek programming. This is a must!
    1. State Meet
      • Events will be run in dual meet format order.
      • Events will run in a Time Final format.
      • No preliminaries and Finals as in previous years.
      • Swimmers will be seeded in heats relative to their Region Meet times.
      • The meet will be conducted by Division as shown on TAPPS calendar.
      • Scoring will be to 16th place in an event, regardless of heat beginning in 2019.
        1. 20,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,9,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for individual swimming events.
        2. Double point values for relays. 40, 34, 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, 18, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.
    2. Qualifications for State.
      • Qualification is by time only, and swimmers must qualify at the Region Meet to which the school is assigned.
      • The top 3 swimmers in each event at the Region Meet are automatic qualifiers for the State Meet. They will be seeded by time at State.
      • The next 7 fastest times from any Region will fill out the 16 qualifiers, provided their times are faster than the Upper Limit Qualifying time.
      • No swimmer will be entered with a time slower than the upper limit time.
      • If a qualified swimmer cannot participate at State, their school should notify the TAPPS State Swimming Director at least one week before the State Meet so a replacement can be found and notified of their eligibility.
      • Relay members are qualified by team and can be changed from Region to State. There should be 16 qualified contestants in each Division of each event at the State Meet, provided enough swimmers made the upper limit qualifying time by Division. No exceptions will be granted if not enough swimmers in a Division made the upper limit qualifying time.

        USA Swimming ID numbers must be submitted at the time of your team’s Hy-tek entry.  There is a place in the Hy-tek program for each swimmer’s ID.  TAPPS and  Meet Directors are not required to input these numbers after the Region Meet starts.  Ask parents before you enter the Region.  THIS IS A COACH’S REQUIREMENT!!


    3. Limited Entries:
      A competitor at Regionals or State shall be permitted to enter:

      • a maximum of four total events,
        1. no more than two of which may be individual events
        2. A swimmer may swim in 3 relays and one individual event.
      • In relay events
        1. eight individuals may be designated per team card,
        2. and it shall not count as an entry unless the competitor actually competes in the event.
        3. Any of the eight individual swimmers may compete and/or swim-       offs, and/or finals provided he/she does not exceed the permitted entries for the meet.
      • Each school is limited to four scoring entries per individual event and one “A” relay per relay event.
    4. Entry Procedures and Forms.
      • Entries for the regional meets will be sent to the regional meet director using Hy-Tek Team Manager by the required entry date.
      • The Regional Meet Director will be responsible for submitting the regional results to the TAPPS State Meet Director using Hy-tek Meet Manager. Coaches and parents do not need to resubmit to enter into State.
      • However, by 7 days before the State Meet, each coach must submit a Team Roster to the TAPPS Meet Director. This will be done on TAPPSter.
      • All relay competitors must be noted, and scratches identified.
      • Failure to submit this information may lead to disqualification.
    • NFHS Rule 3, Section 3 defines and describes the type of swim suits that are permitted. TAPPS will follow USA and FINA on material types.
      • It states that “a competitor shall not be permitted to participate wearing a suit that is not of decent appearance” especially during starts.
      • Boys shall wear suits which cover their buttocks in competition.
      • Girls suits should be one piece competition suits which cover the buttocks and breasts in competition.
      • Only Team swim caps are allowed in competition. No club or USA swimming caps can be worn with their logos showing.  Those caps should be turned inside out.  Swimmers will be disqualified for this.
    1. TATTOOS MUST BE COVERED BY TAPE OR THE SWIM SUIT AT ALL TIMES. Exception is while warming up in the water, competing in the water and cooling down in the water.
    2. Temporary tattoos and other similar markings in pen are not allowed at TAPPS events. They will need to be removed before competing after being identified.
    •  All Schools are to swim in the Region assigned by TAPPS Swimming each fall. If a school has a religious reason to ask for a reassignment for their Region Meet date to another Region, this request should be made to the TAPPS Athletic Executive Committee by January.
    • Reassignment of Region must be made on a Team basis only. Reassigned Teams will compete for individual and team awards within the reassigned Region.  Qualification for the State Meet will also remain constant within the reassigned Region.
    • Any other requests for reassignment will be considered only on a case by case basis.