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Swim – Exhibition Swim Events

March 15, 2017

In response to requests from swim coaches at this year’s regional meets, the following proposal was reviewed by the TAPPS Athletic Executive Committee.

Proposal: Allow exhibition swim events a the TAPPS Regional Swim meets for certain events to include both individual and relay events as in past years.

Recommendation: By unanimous vote, the TAPPS AEC recommends to the Executive Board that TAPPS follow the published guidelines for NFHS Championship meets. This format does not allow for exhibition swim events.

Final Ruling: On the recommendation of the AEC, the TAPPS Executive Board unanimously supports the championship format as published by the NFHS.

Comment: Both the AEC and Board support an effort in each region for a school to host a JV or similar meet in advance of the Regional meets to facilitate additional opportunities for those swimmers who are not entered into the Regional meets.

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