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Section 177 – Swim Plan

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

Subchapter J


(Boys and Girls Events; Three Classifications)

Our season is built around the TAPPS directed/organized Regional and State Meets.  There are no District competitions organized by TAPPS.  In 2013 we created three Regions Meets (North, Central and East) designed to more efficiently run these meets as the swimming competition continues to grow.  Dates and venues are posted on the TAPPS website.

Swimming is considered an Individual Sport, and has no beginning and ending dates for declaring a season or training period.  While coaches can coach their swimmers and divers year round, TAPPS Coaches need to meet TAPPS coaching requirements to be entitled to represent a school at competitions.  Please look at the Swimming Checklist.

Local meets are run by local high schools and TISCA sponsored meets.  Swimmers may also compete in USA, YMCA and other swim competitions during the summer and school year.  Ask other coaches for local meets for private or public high schools in your area.

Swimmers do not have to have swum the events they want to enter at Regionals during the current school year.  However, best estimates on times will place your swimmer in the most competitive heat relative to their abilities.

Section 177


Rules in Sections 130-144 also apply to the Swimming Plan.