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TAPPS Approved Opponents

TAPPS continually reviews the standards for participation by students in our member schools.  TAPPS has considered changes which have been proposed by member schools, concerns which have arisen during eligibility reviews and appeals.  TAPPS eligibility standards were a determining factor in its acceptance by the NFHS as an affiliate member.  The eligibility rules demonstrated by other organizations with whom member schools schedule contests has been under continuous review.

Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, TAPPS schools may schedule contests with those schools who are in good standing with the UIL, SPC, TCAF, and the TCSAAL as best fits the needs of the member school. 

TAPPS member schools scheduling contests with Home School programs shall insure that the home school program follows the eligibility guidelines as follows:

  • No students who are not yet in high school compete against the TAPPS member school
  • No students who have in excess of four years in high school compete against the TAPPS member school
  • No students attending a high school shall participate with the homeschool program

TAPPS schools shall not compete against programs whose student roster includes students from more than one school or home school program in any TAPPS governed activity.

In accordance with Section 138 of the TAPPS By-Laws, those schools or programs that are not located in Texas must be approved prior to scheduling or playing the contest. Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, Out of State Opponents must be members in good standing of the the NFHS recognized state association(s).  TAPPS member schools shall not participate against non-approved schools in contests whether single games, series or tournaments.  This includes both team sports and individual sports. It is the responsibility of the TAPPS member school to ensure compliance.