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TAPPSter Forms


Eligibility Form
Information to complete this form is taken from the Faculty and Student Profiles.

Login to TAPPSter
Click on Students
Select a Student who is particpating
Select the activity and click save
When all students are selected and saved click TAPPS logo (top left)
Click on Forms
Click on Eligibility
Click on Year and Sport
Click on Show Report
Click on green SUBMIT

Fees Form

Fees Form
Fee forms will not generate until entries have been registered in the meet.

Login to TAPPSter
Click on Meets
Click on your meet (District, Region, or State)
Click on Meet Fee Form (you may have to scroll down)
Click Print

SCOPE Testing Recap

SCOPE Testing Recap
Login to TAPPSter
Click on Forms and Reports
Click on Testing Results
Click on Sort – By School/Faculty or By Activity
Click on Show Report