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Section 182 – Tennis Qualifications

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

    • Tennis is considered an Individual Sport by TAPPS
    • Students not yet in High School may not participate with or against high school students.
    • All participants in the TAPPS District and State Tournament must have:
      • Completed and passed the TAPPS Tennis Exam
      • Been reported on the School Certification of TAPPS Tennis Scores to the District President prior to the District Tournament
    •  Teams must qualify for the state meet by competition in the district meet.
    • Boys’, Girls’ Divisions.  There shall be the following divisions in the respective conferences:
      • High school boys, singles and doubles.
      • High school girls, singles and doubles.
    • Entries.  At the district meet each school may enter two boys’ singles and two girls’ singles, and two boys’ doubles and two girls’ doubles teams.
    • Girls’, Boys’ Team Restrictions.  No girls’ team shall compete against boys’ teams and vice versa.
    • No individual shall be allowed to compete in both singles and doubles.
    • Doubles alternates must be submitted prior to the District Tournament and may not be changed prior to the TAPPS State Tournament
  4. ENTRY
    • All entries must be submitted on TAPPSter.
    • Doubles Alternates must be listed on the District Entry Form.
    • District and State Fee sheets will be available on TAPPSter
  5. ADVANCEMENT TO STATE. See Playoff Format – Section 141
    • Schools shall be assigned to districts by the TAPPS Executive Board.
    • District Assignments will be made in the Fall of the current year.
    • The District President shall certify the state qualifiers to the TAPPS office
    • By the deadline indicated on the current year TAPPS calendar.
  8. FEES
    • State Entry fees are owed for all players certified as advancing to the TAPPS State Tournament by the District president.
    • There will be a fee determined by TAPPS.
      • For each player certified advancing by the District
      • Entries will be noted on the Entry Fee Sheet on TAPPSter
    • Make check payable to TAPPS
    • State Entry Form and Check must be sent to the TAPPS Office immediately upon district certification.
    • A late fee may be assessed for all fees not received prior to the State Tennis Tournament.
    • No admission cost for spectators.