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Please park buses in the designated areas away from the main entrance.
Please do not leave buses unattended in the drop off area in front of the facility.
Please observe handicap parking areas and do not park in these spots.

Please be respectful of the facility and other teams at the tournament
Coolers must be brought in through the West gate and not through the club house.

Courts will open at 7 am each morning.
Players playing in the first matches of the day should be given priority for these courts.
Throughout the days courts will open and may be used for warmup
Please be respectful to the matches being played while warming up or the school may lose this privilege
No school should use more than one court for warmups at a given time.

Coaches should register their school prior to their first match.
Registration will be at the Tournament Desk.
Coaches will obtain their wristbands at the time of registration.

There will not be a coaches meeting this year with the new format.

A maximum of two coaches per team to be designated and identified by wrist bands, allowed to coach during the 90 second changeovers and at the end of the sets. These coaches must be listed on the registration form submitted at check in. Coaches are encouraged to work out simple problems that are generally covered by the “etiquette” of the game and the principals of good sportsmanship. (Board action 11-8-07)

For ALL MATCHES we will be playing AD Scoring all three sets. Scoring maybe adjusted due to weather

WILSON Tennis Balls WILL BE PROVIDED. WILSON is the OFFICIAL BALL FOR TAPPS. Each match will be given ONE CAN.

The PLAYER or PLAYERS must check in at the tournament desk (not the coach or other persons for them)
Players should be ready too play when checking in at the tournament desk.
Once checked in, the players should not leave the area in front of the tournament desk.
Please report to your FIRST ROUND match 30 minutes prior to starting time

A trainer will be on site in the event of emergency during the tournament.

Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators.
Please help to insure that players who are not participating in the tournament have proper supervision.

Weather will be monitored using PERRY WEATHER.
This system will be the primary source of information and used in the event delays are required.
In the event of weather delay, the TAPPS Twitter and Facebook accounts will be used to communicate tournament information.
The tournament director has full authority to change the tournament format should weather concerns or actuality require action.

SPORTSMANSHIP           (Section 183 of the TAPPS By-Laws)
All players, teams, and coaches shall exhibit good sportsmanship. Specific care, by the contestants and fans alike, should be given to avoid improper cheering and “razzing.” The Tournament Director has the right to declare any player, team, or coach ineligible who does not exhibit good sportsmanship. Coaches should inform contestants that acts such as throwing rackets, use of profanity, addressing an official disrespectfully, or any action which brings discredit to the individual, their school or TAPPS will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and the player may be disqualified from further participation in the tournament.  If the actions occur after a match, the placement or medals will be awarded to the next place finisher in that match.

DRESS CODE                  (Section 183 of the TAPPS By-Laws)
All participants are to wear appropriate clothing.
Standard tennis shorts, shirts, and flat-bottom shoes are to be worn at all times.
Specifically prohibited are: tank tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, cut-off jeans, shorts without pockets, any shoes other than approved court shoes.
(Racer back tennis jerseys shall be allowed)
Clarification can be found on the TENNIS NEWSBRIEFS page at
Shirts must be long enough to tuck into shorts. (No bare mid-riffs). The torso must be covered during competition.
School uniforms w/school colors & logos are encouraged. If not school color and logo, the uniform should not promote any other school or organization.
The tournament director has the authority to determine whether the clothing is appropriate.
Temporary tattoos and other similar markings are not allowed at TAPPS events.