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Section 104 – Transfer Rule


  • The TAPPS Transfer Rule has been developed to protect, not inhibit students who wish to participate in interscholastic competition.
  • The Transfer Rule is preventative and is devised to eliminate the incentive to transfer schools once a student (family) has initially enrolled in and attended a school of their choice.
  • The Transfer Rule is designed to protect students who have previously participated in interscholastic competition at any school from being replaced by students who transfer for athletic or other purposes, including the affects of student, or family, shopping for schools or being recruited for athletic purposes.
  • The Transfer Rule encourages fair play, discourages the abuses of overenthusiastic promotion of school programs, and protects the integrity of interscholastic athletic programs for both member schools and the TAPPS organization.
  1. If a student participated in a sport in either sub-varsity (JV) or varsity in the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade during the current school year, or 9th, 10th or 11th grade during the previous school year at another school, that student must have a Previous Athletic Participation PART B com­pleted and approved by the District Committee or District President and Vice President before the student can compete at the varsity level at the new school. Part A must be submitted for review regardless of  student athletic participation the previous 12 months
  2. Transfer Procedures
    1. Any high school student who transfers to the school from a high school or home school group must complete and sign Part A of the Transfer Form. Part A should not be sent to the previous school. The response to Part A shall determine if Part B is required.
    2. Enter all student information in TAPPSter.
    3. Receiving School must complete the top portion of the Transfer Form Part B. This information includes:
      1. Student Name
      2. Student Address
      3. City
      4. School
      5. Former City
      6. Former School
      7. Enrollment Date
      8. Date of First Attendance at new School
      9. Grade Level
      10. Parent Name
    4. Print Transfer Form
    5. Parent Signs the Certification of Parent – (Parent Signature is required even if student is over 18)
    6. Administrator of the Receiving School completes and signs the Certification of New School.
    7. The Parent is responsible for having the Former School Release and Certifying Statement signed by the Head Administrator and Athletic Director of the former school.
    8. Parent returns the completed form to the receiving school athletic director.
    9. The receiving school athletic director forwards the completed form (Part A and Part B) to the District Vice President who reviews the forms and signs the appropriate blank.
    10. The Vice President then forwards to the District President for review. Once the District President signs the form, a copy is sent to all of the district member schools and to the TAPPS office.
    11. If any school raises an objection, then a district meeting must be held in order to determine the student’s eligibility. The student will not be eligible until the meeting is held and eligibility affirmed.
    12. If either the District President or Vice President is involved in the transfer, a third person should be appointed to review the forms and complete the procedure.
  3. If the new student did not compete either during the current or the previous school year, a transfer form PART B is not re­quired. The student should be marked as a transfer student and the name of the previous school listed in TAPPSter.
  4. If the new student trans­ferred from any school (public or private) or Home School Organization, is in attendance at the new school in accordance with the dates posted on the Approved TAPPS calendar located on the TAPPS website,, he/she is eligible to compete in varsity TAPPS contests as soon as the transfer form is completed, ap­proved by the District Committee or the District President and Vice President, and posted on student’s page in TAPPSter by the TAPPS office. Students transferring to a new school for their senior year must be withdrawn from their previous school, enrolled and in good standing with the new school by August 15 of the current school year.
  5. Approval by the district committee does not preclude additional review of the student’s eligibility by TAPPS should additional information be presented regarding the student’s previous participation or compliance with eligibility standards.
  6. Students who are not enrolled and in attendance at the member school prior to the deadlines may not participate in Varsity athletics until the next TAPPS season. The student may practice and participate on the Sub-Varsity level during this time.
  7. New students may practice with the varsity or sub-varsity and play on the sub-varsity only while the transfer form is being processed.
  8. New students must be included on the original eligibility form or a supplemental eligibility form found on TAPPSter. The original or supplemental eligibility form, along with the completed transfer form shall be on file with the district president and the TAPPS State Office before the student is eligible to participate in varsity competition.
  9. A student who transfers to a TAPPS member school shall not be eligible for Varsity competition in a sport for a period of one year if:
    1. a coach in that sport at the new school coached or trained the student at the previous school during the previous 12 months.
    2. a coach in that sport at the new school coached or trained the student on an AAU, select, club, 7 on7 or similar team during the previous 12 months.
    3. a coach in that sport at the new school was directly associated with the AAU, select, club, 7 on 7 or similar team as owner, manager, supervisor or similar position during the previous 12 months.
    4. a coach at the new school provided individual or group instruction to the student during the previous 12 months.
    5. a coach at the new school provided skills training, fitness training, personal training or other such training to the student during the previous 12 months.
    6. a coach at the new school acted as the director, owner, manager supervisor or held a similar position in an establishment where the student received training during the previous 12 months.
    7. EXCEPTION: Adopted or birth children are eligible if their parent who is the coach changes schools.
    8. If the previous school attended by the student and coach has closed, the above rule does not apply.
  10. REVIEW OF TRANSFER STUDENTS     TAPPS will review each school qualifying for the FINAL FOUR in team events.
    1. A survey will be forwarded to all schools after the State Championship.
    2. Schools shall return the survey by the date indicated by TAPPS.
    1. If a student has been placed in an ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL for disciplinary reasons by the previous school district, the student is not eligible to participate in TAPPS activities until the length of the alternative school placement has been served.
    2. If a student has been expelled from the previous school, the student is not eligible to participate in TAPPS activities until the following school year.
    3. If a student has been removed from an activity or team by the previous school, the TAPPS member school shall determine the student’s eligibility to participate at the new school in accordance with the school’s published guidelines.