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Section 194 – Wrestling Qualifications

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) Wrestling Rules shall apply to TAPPS Wrestling.

  1. PARTICIPATION. A school may not participate in The TAPPS State Wrestling Meet and/or against other TAPPS wrestling competitors unless indicated on current annual contract with appropriate fees paid.
  2. DIVISIONS. There shall be only one varsity division representing the entered school for a varsity wrestling competition. There cannot be two varsity teams competing in the same meet to wrestle from the same high school. NOTE: Only one entrant per school, per weight class, will be entered for the TAPPS State Wrestling Tournament.
  3. WEIGHT CLASSIFICATIONS. Current weight classes for all TAPPS competitors will be set forth in the National Federation Rule Book with any TAPPS/Prep State approved changes for allowances of minimum and/or maximum weight allowed as per weight class.
    • Weight classes are: 106-113-120-126-132-138-145-152-160-170-182-195-220-285 in accordance with NFHS rules and guidelines.
    • Any person that has participated in wrestling has entertained the notion that if he were to move down to the next weight class that he could win more matches. This may be true in some cases. PULLING WEIGHT DOWN IS TO BE DISCOURAGED! The use of a sweat box, rubberized weight reduction suits or similar process that induces excessive sweating for rapid weight loss is strictly forbidden by TAPPS and the National Federation Rules.
  4. SEASON.
    • Wrestling is a lifetime sport and as such does not have a beginning or ending season date.
    • Practice matches will not count for or against an individual’s win/loss record.