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Section 197 – Wrestling Questions and Answers

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

  1. Does the lowest allowable weight certify weight or weight-class?

Ans.   The lowest allowable weight certifies weight-class.  E.g. Johnny is assessed and his lowest allowable weight is 104. He is now certified to the 112-lb weight class. When the growth allowance is added, he is still only eligible for the 112-lb. weight class.

  1. What weigh-ins count towards monitoring the descent plan, event weigh-ins or weigh-ins at practice?

Ans.   All weigh-ins count.

  1. What types of scales are acceptable for certifying weight?

Ans.   Acceptable scales are platform balance scales, the so-called “doctor’s scales” and electronic scales IF and only IF they have been certified within one year of the date of the weigh-in.  Only scales bearing a current seal (i.e. within one     year of the date of the weigh-in) of a properly accredited scale manufacturer or certifier.