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Section 195 – Wrestling Rules

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

  1. National Federation of State High School Association (NFHS) Wrestling Rules shall apply to TAPPS Wrestling. TAPPS RULES REQUIRE THAT TATTOOS MUST BE COVERED BY TAPE OR THE UNIFORM AT ALL TIMES.
  2. The TAPPS State Wrestling Meet– The meet shall be rotated to a different city and host school each year. This shall be determined by a majority vote within in the TAPPS Head Coaches’ meeting during the present State Meet seeding meeting. Coaches that are in good standing with the TAPPS Executive Board will be able to make their one vote for the hosting school/city. It should not be scheduled back to back weekends in the same city or school as to stay in alignment of the proceeding Texas Prep State Championships.
    • State entry forms must be received by the TAPPS State Office and the Hosting Tournament Director by the deadline on the TAPPS calendar and in TAPPSter.  Entries not in TAPPSter will not be accepted.
    • An entry fee determined by TAPPS shall be charged for each student entered into the competition.
    • Only one name is to be submitted for each weight class on each school’s entry form.
    • No name(s) of wrestler(s) will be inserted or resubmitted once the final entry is made.
    • Participating schools must provide the required forms, Certified Alpha Roster, an Academic Eligibility form and the State Entry form; prior to any Seeding Meeting for the State Meet.
    • An entry fee determined by TAPPS shall be charged for each student entered into the competition.
  4. AWARDS.
    • Team Plaques shall be awarded as follows:
      • State Champion
      • State Runner-up
      • Third place
      • Fourth place
    • No more than 15 Individual (Team) State Championship Medallions will be awarded for the championships team qualifiers entered. Also, (2) additional medallions for the coaching staff.
    • Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded.
    • Additional team medallions may be purchased for the State Champion Team from the TAPPS Office for $10.00.
    • All Officials must be satisfactory to both parties and agreed upon in advance for all duals, triad, quad or tournaments. Teams are urged to always secure outside officials (ones who are not a part of either school’s staff, etc.) The visiting school should insist upon an agreement on officials before the day of the meet. A school that refuses to compete because the official(s) agreed upon have not been secured shall not be considered as breaking its contract.  Starting a meet with an official constitutes an agreement.
    • In an attempt to standardize the officiating at meets and tournaments, it is encouraged that all officials and coaches be knowledgeable of all rules and the interpretations of the rules.  Officials are always to be treated with respect. In return, officials are always to treat coaches with respect.
    • At the TAPPS State Meet, the hosting school shall attempt to acquire a mixed group of referees from each area of the state. Thus, to truly represent the compete representation of the state’s competition for the various schools participating.
    • The only officials used for the TAPPS State Meet must be a member of the Texas Wrestling Officials Association (TWOA)
  6. OXYGEN. No oxygen shall be used before or during any dual, triad, quad meet or tournament, unless directed by a Team Doctor or hosting medical staff.
  7. VIDEOS. Video tape machines will be allowed at all meets but the NFHSA rules are in effect according to its rules towards video or taping allowed.
  8. PASSES. Only current TAPPS PASSES, with photo ID, will be accepted for free admission. Competitors must be identified and passed through the gate by the head coach/Athletic Director.