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Section 223 – Yearbook Contest

Fine Art By-Laws
Sections 199-263

All rules in Section 209 apply to this contest.

    • Purpose.  The purpose of this contest is to evaluate journalistic skills included in yearbook production.  The school yearbook is submitted for judging in competition with other TAPPS schools.
    • Submissions.
      • Due to TAPPS office by the deadline posted on the TAPPS website.
      • Entry must be made on TAPPSTER to include title of yearbook.
      • Entry fee, as determined by TAPPS, must be paid at the academic competition.
  2. AUTHORSHIP. The book presented must be the work of the students on the yearbook staff.
    • Judging Criteria.  The following categories will be used to evaluate each yearbook:
      • Design and Creativity: 15 points maximum.
      • Theme Development: 10 points maximum.
      • Photography:  20 points maximum.
      • Written Text: 20 points maximum.
      • Use of Color/Graphics: 10 points maximum.
      • Organization: 15 points maximum.
      • Visual Appeal: 10 points maximum
    • Identification of Yearbooks.  Make sure the school name, yearbook name and school classification is affixed to the inside front cover of the yearbook.
    • Scoring.  Rank according to total points.
    • Ties.  There are no ties.  Judge’s preference will be used to break all ties.