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The yearbook competition is one component of the Academic and Speech championships. 

In order to judge the yearbooks in advance of the championships, schools must submit their yearbook for judging prior to the deadline posted on the TAPPS calendar.

In order to assist those schools whose yearbooks are delivered later in the fall, this year, yearbooks must be submitted to the TAPPS office prior to January 19, 2018.  left-arrow-16


Yearbooks should be entered into the Championship meet in TAPPSter.

  • Login to TAPPSter 
  • Click on ENTRIES
  • Select ACADEMIC
  • Click on GREEN Plus Sign plus
  • Select YEARBOOK from the drop down menu
  • Enter Yearbook Title
  • Save Entry
  • Payment will be included in the fees paid at the Championship meet in April.


Please include this Yearbook Description Form when submitting your yearbook. 

The following yearbooks have been received at the office:  2017-2018 Yearbooks Entries 

Yearbooks should be mailed to the following address to arrive no later than January 19, 2018.


3575 Lone Star Circle, #414        

Fort Worth, Texas  76177

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