2020-2021 Fall Band

Field Band, Marching Band & Drumline Championships

Waco ISD Athletic Complex
1401 S. New Road
Waco, TX 76711

With the pandemic continuing across the state, we are requiring fans to “purchase(no charge)” a ticket through TAPPS ticketing to assist with contact tracing should that be necessary.  Tickets will be required and by redeeming the ticket, you will be certifying you are COVID symptom free at that time. We appreciate your assistance as we work through this necessary process. TAPPS TICKETS

Here is a live site of current conditions.  Save this link and check it on your way in.  I think from that site you can download the app.  It will show delays, alt routes, and live camera feeds. Most construction is on the NORTH side of town.

ALL Bands have a specific lot to park in.  Please let parents and fans know to proceed to the spectator entrance. 

Please review the facility map for assigned parking and flow of traffic from on deck to performance to clinic. Waco ISD Facility Map

Plan on arriving 1 hour prior to your warm-up time.  You will need time to check-in, unload, and warm-up prior to arriving at the Pre-Deck area on time.  When you arrive, please check-in at the Registration Tent in the parking lot outside the stadium near Entrance #3.  

Warm-up Areas
You will warm-up near your vehicles this year to help keep cross traffic low. 

  • A- Pre-deck
    • Please move to area A at the scheduled time. You will wait there until the group ahead of you starts to move out of area B to perform. A group photo will be taken here.
  • B- On-deck
    • As soon as the group ahead of you completes their performance and they start moving off the field, you will take your place in the performance area. At this station you will be asked to verify the announcing message.  The ramp to get from A to B is really steep.  You may use the long ramp with a lower degree grade if needed.  
  • C- Performance
    • Prep play while setting up is allowed.  Set-up begins as soon as you begin making your way from On-Deck end-zone to Perform.  Once you are set, the announcer will make an announcement of your group. When your performance is over, you will exit to the opposite side of the stadium for your clinic. 
  • D- Clinic
    • The ramp out of the stadium to the clinic area is steep.  Please make sure your students are prepared for the incline and support your equipment/instruments from the back.  The clinicians we have are really awesome musicians.  Please make sure your students are ready to learn something from them. 

SCHEDULE: 2020 Fall Band & Drumline Schedule
Please review the schedule.  I have made some minor adjustments since it was sent out last week. You should arrive on deck and be ready to enter the space at your time.  Another group will be coming in as you are leaving so make the transitions quickly.  

Awards ceremonies will take place as indicated on the schedule.
Field Band and Marching Band Awards:   Full Bands should sit together in the stands. Drum Majors or Band Directors will pick up awards at the TAPPS tent when announced.
Drumline Awards:  Full Drumline squads should sit in the stands or, spread out along the fence, maintaining distance between groups. Only Drum captains will come up to receive the award when announced.

Bush’s Chicken has a contract with WISD and will open the concession stand at the spectator side of the football field for pick up of pre-ordered meals and drinks. The boxed lunch deal must be pre-ordered and paid as a school when you pick up the order.  Pre-orders are due by NOON on SUNDAY.
2020 Bush’s Chicken Boxed Lunch Order Form
Money should be turned in at the concession stand when you pick up your meals.

We have a fantastic group of judges and clinicians this year. Check out their bios.
Fall Band Bios
Drumline Bios

We encourage you to follow the action through our social media options.  Twitter updates will be on the @TAPPSband account.  On Facebook we can be found at TAPPSbiz.  Event photographs will be uploaded to our smugmug account which is linked on the Fall Band page at www.tapps.biz by clicking on the photos button. Additional information can be found by downloading and accessing the TAPPS Fan App.  The events will be Live Streamed on the TAPPS TV Network.

Please review these protocols prior to the event.
Fall Band 2020 Protocols

Any Questions?  Email [email protected]