As you develop your school’s return to play protocols, the following areas should be considered and addressed.  Please refer to the information linked in the green boxes to assist in the development of your school’s return to practice and play protocols.

 Protocols – Areas to Address


  • Social Distancing
    • limits on size of groups and appropriate spacing indoors and outdoors
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    •  masks, gloves, etc
  • Screening of staff and students for signs/symptoms of illness prior to use of facilities
  • Vulnerable individuals
    • additional protections where necessary
  • Good hygiene practices for individuals
    • no sharing of clothes, towels, personal items
  • Practices for cleaning and sanitizing facilities and equipment
  • Locker rooms and showers
    • no use of common areas, except for restrooms
  • Availability of hand sanitizers and other similar items for personal hygiene
  • Hydration
    • bring your own water bottles; no sharing and no fountains or water stations
  • Transportation
    • distancing and cleaning
  • Communicating and posting protocols for all persons using facilities
  • Response plan if a positive case of student or staff member is reported