April 17-18, 2023 – 4A-5A-6A
April 18, 2023          Mixed Doubles (Large Schools)
April 19-20, 2023 – 1A-2A-3A
April 20, 2023          Mixed Doubles (Small Schools)

Waco Regional Tennis Center (WRTC)

900 Lake Shore Drive, Waco 76708


Fan and Team Entrance: Enter through the gate on the west side of the building. Do not use the main building entrance.

TAPPS Tennis Director: Kevin Foster

Tournament Fee 

There will be a $40 per player entry fee for the State Tournament. 

Make checks payable to TAPPS and pay at the check-in table upon arrival. 

Tennis Balls

Balls will be providced if possible.

Team Tent Areas

  • Team tent and player areas will only be allowed inside the fence on the outer perimeter of the courts (noted on the facility map link above). This will be strictly enforced to ensure social distancing between the courts for those watching the matches.
  • No hammocks are allowed in the facility.
  • Bring a Water Jug…Stay Hydrated! Water will be available to refill your jug.


  • $8 daily general admission for spectators. 
  • Tickets available through TAPPS Ticketing. Tickets will be required for each day
  • TAPPS Passes will be accepted.

Seeding and Draws

  • First: Top seed is based on previous years State winners; EXCEPT when the player/team is beaten in this year’s District match…
  • Second: Seeds are based on district winners; therefore, SEEDS are IN MOST CASES the district winners!
  • Third: Information sent in by coaches – consideration will be given to the district winners that have head-to-head wins over other district winners or USTA seeding information that warrant’s seeding.
  • Fourth: If the top district  winners were not in the State Tournament last year AND no seeding is turned in by the coach – the TOP DISTRICT WINNERS will be “drawn out of a hat” for their placement. In most cases each bracket will have a player/team from a different district.

IF you see a mistake PLEASE email us at [email protected] – ONCE AGAIN – it is important that you check the draws before you leave for the tournament.

Scoring and Format

  • For 1st and 2nd round matches we will play two full sets and a Super Tie-breaker (first to 10 points x 2+) for the third.
  • Single elimination bracket format
  • All SEMI and FINAL MATCHES we will be playing AD Scoring 2 out of 3 sets. 
  • Scoring may be adjusted due to weather as determined by the Tournament Director and TAPPS.

Mixed Doubles

We plan on hosting a mixed doubles format for Day 2 of the championships, more information to follow soon.

Schedule of Play

We are using the match number system, be sure to find your match number on the draw. The match numbers will be located between your name and your opponents.

Here is the basic match number timeline.  All times are APPROXIMATE and are subject to adjustment by the tournament director.


1-12 – 8:00 am
13-32 – 9:15 am
33-52 – 10:30 am
53-72 – 11:45 am
73-96 – 1:00 pm
97-112 – 2:30 pm
113-128 – 4:00pm
129-144 – 5:15pm
145-180 – On Draw


1-20 – 8:00 am
21-40 – 9:15 am
41-60 – 10:30 am
61-80 – 11:45 am
81-100 – 1:00 pm
101-120 – 2:30 pm
121-144 – 4:00 pm
145-180 – On Draw


  • Check-in and pay fees when entering the facility; sign coach acknowledgement and Covid self-screening affirmation for all coach and team participants;
  • Be sure players report to the FIRST ROUND match 30 minutes prior to starting time. In the event of rain, check TAPPS Twitter (@TAPPSbiz) for updates;
  • Coaching – a maximum of two coaches per team are to be designated and identified by wristbands. These coaches must be listed on the registration form submitted at check in;
  • Allowed to coach during the 90 second changeovers and at the end of the sets. 
  • Coaches are encouraged to work out simple problems that are generally covered by the “etiquette” of the game and the principles of good sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship and Officials

  • Sportsmanship – all players, teams, coaches and fans shall exhibit good sportsmanship and proper tennis etiquette. Specific care should be given to improper cheering and “razzing” of players or tournament officials. 
  • Negative Player, Coach and/or Fan behavior may result in removal from the tournament site. 
  • USTA Certified Officials will officiate the tournament, rules of the USTA shall prevail, with exceptions noted in TAPPS manual.

Substitutions: Substitutions are only allowed as described in Section 183.XII of the TAPPS Tennis Rules. Questions regarding substitutions should be directed to [email protected].

Dress Code: All participants are to wear appropriate clothing as described in Section 183.XV. The school is responsible to enforce the TAPPS dress code.
NOTE: Schools are subject to sanction for players in violation of Dress Code!

Subway Food Order Form-Waco Regional Tennis Center

TAPPS Memorabilia: TeamIP will be onsite with official TAPPS merchandise. 


  • In the event of rain, check TAPPS Twitter (@TAPPSbiz) for updates on delays, suspensions, and return to play timelines;
  • If necessary, TAPPS may utilize other courts in the Waco area for completion of the tournament.

If Play has Started and it Rains:

  • Report your score to the Tournament Director – include the set and game score. 
  • The player who is going to serve the next point is responsible for the balls.
  • Remain at the site until the Tournament Director and Referee decide on a CHECK BACK time. 
  • Scoring will be adjusted if necessary for rain delays.

Please check the Tennis page on the TAPPS website for updates or changes to the draws or other information on the tournament.