2022 Division III One Act Play Championship Results

1st Place – Allen Academy – “Badger”
2nd Place – All Saints Episcopal School – “Peter and the Starcatcher
3rd Place – Calvary Episcopal Preparatory – “146 Point Flame”
4th Place – Kingdom Preparatory Academy – “Cinderella with the Commedia Players”
5th Place – Prestonwood Christian Academy North – “Sense and Sensibility”
6th Place – St. Paul Catholic School – “The Comedy of Errors”




Best Actress

Josephine Samuel
Calvary Episcopal Preparatory

Best Actor

Tausten Glenn
Prestonwood Christian Academy North

All Star Cast

Annabelle Benham – Allen Academy
Cameron Cloud – Allen Academy
Sarah Moser – Allen Academy
Isabella Ruffino – Allen Academy
Jackson Darby – Christian Heritage Classical School
Jacob Twyford – St. Paul Catholic School
Joseph Twyford – St. Paul Catholic School
Chloe Conover – All Saints Episcopal School
Olivia Needham – All Saints Episcopal School
Cienna Momchilov – Calvary Episcopal Preparatory
Galilee Curling – Macedonian Christian Academy
Madigan Matthews – Prestonwood Christian Academy North

Honorable Mention Cast

Jackson Petty – Allen Academy
Matthew Mauldin – Christian Heritage Classical School
Matthew Jenkins – Kingdom Preparatory Academy
Isaac Martens – Kingdom Preparatory Academy
Hunter Zella – St. Paul Catholic School
Angelia Liu – All Saints Episcopal School
Hannah Harvey – All Saints Episcopal School
Dorothy Soward – Calvary Episcopal Preparatory
Karsyn Jones – Calvary Episcopal Preparatory
Paige Brister – Macedonian Christian Academy
Eden Vargas – Prestonwood Christian Academy North
Alexandria Escobar – St. Paul Catholic School

All Star Crew

Elizabeth Johnson – All Saints Episcopal School
Hailey Mullins – Allen Academy
Blaire Moore – Christian Heritage Classical School
Madeline Pendergrass – Kingdom Preparatory Academy
Alexander Burgess – Prestonwood Christian Academy North
Faith Machart – St. Paul Catholic School