When are the Championship meets?
October 30, 2023

Can schools travel on Sunday and walk the course?
Yes, in accordance with Section 136 of the TAPPS By-Laws.

Where will the Championships be held?
Cottonwood Creek Golf Course – Waco

Is there a charge for spectators?
$8 General Admission
If local condition and regulations allow for spectators.
There is a $8 General Admission charge for everyone over 6 years old.

Race Information
In accordance with Section 155.B of the TAPPS By-Laws:  The distance for the cross country event will be
approximately two miles for girls (3200 meters)  and three miles for boys (5000 meters).

Where is registration?
Registration will be as shown on the site maps. (West side of Clubhouse)
Registration will be open on Sunday beginning at 3 pm and Monday at 7:30 am

When can we walk the course prior to the meet?
The course will be open Sunday afternoon after 3 pm.
Course will close at 5:30 pm.

Are team camps allowed?
Social distancing will be required, but team camps will permitted in the designated areas as shown on site map.

Where is parking for school vehicles and buses?
Shown on the site map.

Registration Information
Fee is $35 per runner.
Fee owed for each runner entered through Rank One.
This includes runners entered but not attending the meet.
Your school will still owe for those runners dropped after the entry deadline – October 23, 2023.
Substitutions for runners entered in the meet may be made on site until 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the race.

Additional runners may not be added after the deadline.

Where will results be posted?
Results will be posted on the Cross Country Championship Page.

Verification Period
Verification period ends 15 minutes after posting to the website.
Any protest must be filed with TAPPS personnel within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the race.
A $40 protest fee must accompany any written protest.
Concerns must be presented to TAPPS personnel at the awards area within that time period.
Decisions of the meet directors, TAPPS administration and official timer are final.

Weather Considerations

All attempts will be made to run the event on the date scheduled. Weather will be monitored using Earth Network Weather.
In the event of rain, TAPPS administrators and meet management will determine the course condition.
The event may be run as scheduled, suspended, or delayed. In the event of lightning, races will be suspended in accordance with published TAPPS policies which require 30 minutes of all clear following the last strike noted in a ten (10) mile radius of the facility.
Participants and spectators will be sent to their vehicles until the all clear is given.

Awards Presentation
Approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the last race (Boys or Girls) in each division.
The format of the awards presentation is subject to change this year based on COVID requirements.
The order of Awards shall be Girls All State (Top 10), Girls Team Awards (Top 4), Boys All State (Top 10), Boys Team Awards (Top 4).
Final Standings will be posted to the Cross Country Championship Page.

All State Awards
The top ten (10) finishers are considered All State. A link to the certificates found on the Cross Country page.

Academic All State
Runner must finish in the Top 15, be a Junior or Senior, and have a cumulative GPA of 90 or better.
Coaches should enter deserving students into Rank One.

TAPPS vendors will be on site to provide T-Shirts and memorabilia.

Restroom / Facility Access
Portable facilities will be available near the registration and team areas.

Additional Information:
As a reminder, all uniforms must meet NFHS and TAPPS standards.