2023 Division III One Act Play Championship Results

1st Place – Christian Life Preparatory – “Over the River and Through the Woods”
2nd Place – Prestonwood Christian Academy North – “Flowers for Algernon”
3rd Place – Calvary Episcopal Preparatory – “Antigone”
4th Place – Abilene Christian School – “Antigone in Munich”
5th Place – Kingdom Preparatory Academy – “The Last Lifeboat”
6th Place – Legacy Christian Academy – “Little Women”

Best Actor

Tausten Glenn
Prestonwood Christian Academy North

Best Actress

Samara Carroll
Christian Life Preparatory School

All Star Cast

Matthew Jenkins – Kingdom Preparatory Academy
Isaac Martens – Kingdom Preparatory Academy
Ethan Rose – Concordia High School
Logan George – Concordia High School
Donnie Fondon – Calvary Episcopal School
Micah Mallet – Abilene Christian School
Dylan Jones – Christian Life Preparatory School
Thomas Klozik – St. Paul Catholic School
Josephine Samuel – Calvary Episcopal Preparatory
Anna Straughn – Abilene Christian School
Rebekah Albright – Christian Life Preparatory School
Sally Machacek – St. Paul Catholic School
Julia Miranda – Legacy Christian School
Taylin Hamilton – Legacy Christian School

Honorable Mention Cast

Brooklyn Howell – Kingdom Preparatory Academy
Pierce Holt – Prestonwood Christian Academy North
Zak Shogren – Calvary Episcopal Preparatory
Caden Brock – Calvary Episcopal Preparatory
Hayden Jones – Christian Life Preparatory School
Brody Carter – Christian Life Preparatory School
Kylie Wilson – Prestonwood Christian Academy North
Phoebe Dillon – Concordia High School
Kali Neal – Concordia High School
Julia Barecky – St. Paul Catholic School
Makenzie Fertitta – Legacy Christian School
Marie Kneeland – Legacy Christian School
Lizzie Vitanza – Legacy Christian School

All Star Crew

Alex Burgess – Prestonwood Christian School North
Layla Matthews – Prestonwood Christian School North
Hannah Luder – Prestonwood Christian School North
Josephine Dang – Calvary Episcopal Preparatory
Cora Chrismer – Abilene Christian School
Sophia Rollans – Legacy Christian School