District 1

Date of Contest:

Tech Day (Oct. 16)  Performance (Oct. 16)

Location of Contest:

All Saints Episcopal School
3222 103rd Street
Lubbock, TX 79423

Dr. Don Williams


Dr. E. Don Williams is Professor Emeritus in Theatre at Lubbock Christian University. He has been director of Theatre at Lubbock Christian University since 1979. Dr. Williams has directed over 100 productions at LCU. Williams’ directing experience includes high school, college/university, and two outdoor productions, God’s Country, and Texas. In addition to directing, he has written four plays. Dr. Williams served as a UIL OAP critic judge for 43 years. In 1993 he served as chair of the TETA’s Adjudicator Organization. He has judged UIL OAP contests at all levels, including three state contests. He was also honored as TETA College/University Educator of the Year in 1994.


Abilene Christian School – Abilene
“Antigone in Munich”

All Saints Episcopal School – Lubbock
“Where the Sky Meet the Sea”

Kingdom Preparatory Academy – Lubbock
“The Last Lifeboat”

Sacred Heart – Muenster
“The Frosted Glass Coffin”


1. Kingdome Preparatory Academy – Lubbock

2. Abilene Christian School

3. All Saints Episcopal School – Lubbock