3A North – District 1

Important Dates:
March 22, 2024 Entry Deadline
April 4, 2024 Tournament

Arlington Tennis Center
500 W Mayfield Road, Arlington Texas76014
Map to Facility | Map of Facility

Facility Information:
Facility will open at 7:30 am
First Matches will go on court at approximately 8:30 am
Facility Rules are in place

Tennis Balls
Balls will be provided by TAPPS.

Schedule of Play
The schedule of play shall be determined prior to the coaches meeting the day of the tournament
The schedule shall be determined based on the number of matches per draw
Please arrive and be prepared to play as called.

In the event of rain, check TAPPS Twitter (@TAPPSbiz) for updates on delays, suspensions, and return to play timelines;
If necessary, TAPPS may utilize other courts in the Waco area for completion of the tournament.

Match Scoring
Each match shall be an 8 game Pro Set
No AD Scoring shall be used until the Semifinals and in all contests after the first loss
AD Scoring shall be used in the Semifinal and Finals
2 out of 3 (Super Tiebreaker for the 3rd) may be used in the Championship Matches

Team Scoring
Each match shall be scored towards the overall team totals for both boys and girls.
The scoring format is as shown below.
Prior to a loss
1 point      Each match played  |  1.5 point   Each match won

After a loss
.5 points    Each match played  |  1.0 points  Each match won

Dress Code:
All participants are to wear appropriate clothing as described in Section 183.XV.
The school is responsible for enforcing the TAPPS dress code.
NOTE: Schools are subject to sanction for players in violation of Dress Code!

Team Areas
Team | player areas will  be allowed inside the facility.
Canopies are allowed
Please set up team areas as to not impede viewing areas for courts so spectators may watch matches as they occur.
No hammocks are allowed in the facility.
No speakers or similar devices should be used in the team areas

Food and Drink
Schools may bring coolers and food
Players should bring a Water Jug…Stay Hydrated! Water will be available to refill your jug.
Limited concessions may be available on site


  • All seeding information should be entered, with the entry
  • Seeding information not listed, shall not be used for seeding at the District or Championship Tournament
  • Examples of seeding information include:
    Current season match results
    USTA rankings
    Universal Tennis Rating
    Previous year’s TAPPS results
  • Without seeding information, the best outcome is limited to a blind draw.
    It is the responsibility of every coach to provide seeding information on each entry if that information exists.

Each school is allowed 2 entries in singles and 2 entries in doubles per draw (Boys or Girls).
A single alternate may be named for both doubles teams entered.
All entries should be made prior to the deadline

All seeding information must be entered on the entry form prior to the entry deadline 

Entry Fee – $35 per player (no fee charged for alternates)

Check-in and pay fees when entering the facility and sign coach acknowledgement;
In the event of rain, check TAPPS Twitter (@TAPPSbiz) for updates;
Coaching – a maximum of two coaches per school are to be designated and identified by wristbands.
These coaches must be listed and compliant in the TAPPS Database
Coaches are allowed to coach during the 90 second changeovers and at the end of the odd numbered sets (3-5-7-9-etc). 
Coaches are not allowed to coach during the games or between even numbered games.
Coaching must take place in the areas designated by the TAPPS Tournament Director.
Coaches are encouraged to work out simple problems that are generally covered by the “etiquette” of the game and the principles of good sportsmanship

Sportsmanship and Officials
Sportsmanship – all players, teams, coaches and fans shall exhibit good sportsmanship and proper tennis etiquette.
Specific care should be given to improper cheering and “razzing” of players or tournament officials. 

  • Negative Player, Coach and/or Fan behavior may result in removal from the tournament site. 
  • USTA Certified Officials will officiate the tournament, rules of the USTA shall prevail, with exceptions noted in TAPPS manual.

TEAM IP will be on site at all locations throughout the tournament.
In addition, TAPPS gear can be found at the TAPPS online store linked below.