Academic and Speech Directors,
Please check this list to make sure you are prepared for our Spring Events. Although this list is NOT EVERYTHING you may think of to do, it will help keep your contest day smooth.

Check the webpage for more info.
Rank One login page:
Rank One support: [email protected]
TAPPSter instructions can be found here:

Review the TAPPS Constitution and By-laws sections 1-129, 198-202, 203-227.
The by-laws will have specific details on song selections and requirements for entry.
TAPPS Constitution and By-Laws are found on the website, click Governance.
Check out the Fine Arts webpage. Click Fine Arts. There are many links below the chart of events with valuable information posted.
Check out the individual Academics and Speech pages on the website. Click Fine Arts, then click an event on the chart for Dates, Locations, Deadlines, Resource Links, etc.
All Academic Coaches, Speech Coaches and Debate Coaches listed in Rank One and in TAPPSter as Head or Assistant Coach. Your school Fine Arts Director can assist with your access rights.
Coaches (head and assistants) need to be SCOPE compliant in Rank One. Those exempt from testing for attending the June Conference will still need to complete the Professional Acknowledgement of Rules.
Students should complete their Rank One profile which includes the Student Acknowledgement of Rules, transfer forms, international student forms, student not living with parent forms, and medical history.
Rank One roster should be created with each student showing as eligible prior to the event.
Student list in TAPPSter should be edited to include Academics as a participating activity. Click the Student link, highlight the Academics column on the spreadsheet view, check box for each of the academic students.
Entries for each academic and speech event should be created in TAPPSter on the Entries section. Entries are open for changes until the deadline in which they will be registered. Deadlines for Entries are noted on the TAPPS Calendar. Be aware that some events take place prior to the Championship meet such as Yearbook and Ready Writing.
Ready Writing Entries in TAPPSter prior to the early deadline. Be sure to include a login ID and Password on the student profiles as it will be needed for their online test date.
Mail in your yearbook from last year to the TAPPS office prior to Jan 31. Make sure you create an entry in TAPPSter for the yearbook on the Entries link.
Photo Entered in TAPPSter on the Entries Sections. Click the sunflower icon at the top. Photos are used for social media and printed programs and are due prior to the Entry Deadline as noted on the TAPPS Calendar. Photos may be a simple photo of students in school shirt.
Meet Fees form Printed and Check made to TAPPS.
Meet Fees form will NOT generate until AFTER the entry deadline and entries are registered.
Prepare your students for Academic Testing. Past years’ tests are available for purchase on the website Academics Page.
Prepare your Speech Documentation Notebook. Each speech entry requires a Speech Certification Form and documentation for the selections. Check the Academics Page for Speech Notebook Certification Instructions.
Check Schedule. Be sure to check the schedule for conflicting academic and speech events, for example if a student is taking the Spelling test they may not enter the speech even that is happening at the same time.
Print your Academic Inventory list from the Meets Section in TAPPSter. You will use this sheet to mark any substitutions at Registration.
Sign up volunteers to GRADE & PROCTOR Academic Testing events. Each school is required to sign up for a minimum of 2 different Academic Tests.
Sign up volunteers to JUDGE Speech Events. Each school is required to sign up for a minimum of 4 speech rounds on Tuesday and 4 speech rounds on Wednesday. Additional Judges will be needed with this minimum so plan to sign up for more than 4 if able.
Arrange for travel, bus, hotel, food, etc.
Share TeamIP info with your students and fans.
T-Shirts, patches, other apparel, and TAPPS merchandise will be on sale on-site.
Print All-State Certificates for students that received 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place at the Championship meet.
Complete the After Event Survey sent approximately 1 week after the event to help shape our future events.