Following the Final Alignment Release during the biennial realignment, TAPPS will assign a Temporary President for each district. At this point, the Temporary District President should call an organizational meeting as soon as possible. In some classifications, schools may be members of different districts for different sports requiring more than one organizational meeting. The agenda for the meeting should include, but not be limited to:

1. Elect a District President, Vice President

  • The District President shall organize, call and run District Meetings and  communicate TAPPS and District issues to the member schools.
  • The District Vice President shall replace the President in the event the President leaves his position at his school.
    • Notify the TAPPS Office with the names of the elected officers
    • The term for these positions should be for two years

2. Elect a District Secretary to keep accurate records of all district meetings

  • Copies of the minutes of each district meeting should be sent to each member school and the TAPPS Office

3. Create a District Directory which includes the cell number and email of each Athletic Director and Head Coach of all member schools

  • If there are changes during the year, they should be sent to the District Secretary so that the Directory can be updated and sent to all member schools.

4. Discuss and Adopt a policy for Conflict Resolution between member schools

  • Agree to follow a professional principle of conflict resolution. If one school has an issue with another school, the Athletic Directors of both schools should meet first to attempt to resolve the conflict. If a satisfactory resolution is not achieved, the Heads of School should meet next. If the issue is still not resolved, at that point it may be brought before the District membership for mediation.

5. Establish District Rules and Policies for Tie-breakers

  • The district executive committee shall determine in writing prior to the season the method to determine the district playoff representatives in the event two or more schools are tied in win/loss percentages.  If the district executive committee has not provided a procedure prior to the season, the TAPPS tie breaker procedures shall apply.

6. Establish District Rules and Policies for film exchange

  • Number, choice and type (e.g. Wide/Tight) of films traded as well as deadlines for the exchange should be discussed and established.

7. Establish District Rules and guidelines for makeup games (weather, power failure, etc.)

All games should be made up as close to the original schedule as soon as possible.

  • Varsity games should be played on the next available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday; not counting other district games. If this will be an issue because of travel or facility availability and rental, this should be discussed and resolved at this meeting. 
  • District games will take precedence over a scheduled non-district game.
  • When a game is suspended it will be picked up where it was left off.
  • District games may not be rescheduled for any reason outside of weather or a school-related emergency once the district season begins.

8. Establish financial penalties for forfeiture of district games

  • Consider using a graduated scale. For example, if a school withdraws from football in the spring the fine would be $250. If the school withdraws at the start of summer; $500. Once the season begins, the fine would increase to $1000.

9. Approve Officials chapters to be used in District Play

  • Officials must be from a chapter approved by TAPPS.
  • Officiating crews must be assigned independently by the approved chapter.
  • Agree on the number of officials for district games.

10. Review TAPPS Procedures for approving Transfer Students

  • All transfers must fill out an STF regardless of whether or not theory participated in a sport at the previous school.
  • If the student participated in any activities at the previous school, they must fill out a PAPF.
  • All PAPF’s go directly to TAPPS. They no longer go to the district for initial review.
  • After review and approval by TAPPS, they are then sent to the district. If there are any concerns or objections the TAPPS office must be notified.
  • Approval by the TAPPS office or district committee does not preclude additional review of the student’s eligibility by TAPPS should additional information be presented regarding the student’s previous participation or compliance with eligibility standards.
  • If any district school raises an objection, the district president shall notify the TAPPS office and a district meeting may be held in order to determine the student’s eligibility as determined by the TAPPS office. The student will not be eligible until the meeting is held and eligibility is determined.
  • Transferring students may not participate in any interscholastic competition (Scrimmage, Sub-Varsity or Varsity) until the transfer process is complete and the student is approved by the TAPPS Office.

11. Set District Fees, financial responsibilities, accountability, awards and any incidental expenses

  • Discuss and agree to fees for District Tournaments – track, tennis, golf
  • Discuss whether trophies and medals will be purchased by the district for champions of team sports. Many districts agree to allow each school to purchase their own championship trophies, saving schools money on district fees.
  • Consider any other incidental expenses
    • Paying mileage for schools that experience extraordinary travel for district meetings
    • Paying mileage for all-state representatives

12. Develop and Draw District Schedules for each sport

  • Consult TAPPS Calendar to determine beginning and ending date for the district schedule. Identify the District Certification date and reserve that date plus the two previous days to be used for district tie-breakers. Schools should not schedule any games (including makeup games for inclement weather) on these days.
  • Ensure that the district schedule does not conflict with any TAPPS competitions. (e.g. A school should not schedule a district baseball game during TAPPS Regional Track)
  • Draw for district schedules. The schedule should identify the dates as well as who is home and away. This schedule should remain the same for two years, flipping the home and away in the second year of the district.
  • Discuss sub-varsity games, sites and starting times.
    • For example, in basketball, you may agree to play your middle school games on the same date at opposite sites. Starting times may also be discussed and established.
  • Discuss and agree on home game personnel
    • A Home Game Administrator is required at all TAPPS competitions.
    • The official clock, book, libero, line judges (etc.) should be adults
    • Schools should inform whether an Athletic Trainer and/or ambulance will be at their home games
    • Since many member schools rent their athletic facilities, the location of home games of each school should be shared with all members.
  • Member school Athletic Directors must review and approve all district schedules to ensure that there are no conflicts with the TAPPS Calendar or each school’s individual calendar. Any changes to the district schedule must be approved by the district.

13. Agree on maximum admission prices for each sport

  • TAPPS Passes must be accepted by all schools
  • TAPPS Approved Passes must be accepted by all schools
  • Discuss whether or not to adopt a District Pass

14. Schedule Pre-Season Meeting for each sport (see TAPPS Resource – District Preseason Meeting Guide)

  • A preseason district meeting for each sport should be held prior to the beginning of the season of each sport.
  • Each school’s Athletic Director and Head Coach of the particular sport should be present.
  • Review all policies, rules and procedures that were established in the District Organizational Meeting.
  • Discuss any issues that are particular to that sport.

15. Schedule End-of-Season All-District Meeting for each sport

  • Select All-District Teams
  • Elect All-State selection committee representatives
  • Discuss any district issues, plans for the next season

16. Send a copy of District Minutes to TAPPS