District Executive Committee Report - Team Sports

Meeting Minutes for the 2024-26 Alignment Cycle

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Please note any schools who were not represented at the meeting

Elected Officers


Base schedules should be developed and agreed upon. TAPPS governance applies once schedule is agreed upon by all schools. If travel is required, discussion on rescheduling opportunities in the event game(s) cannot be played as planned.
District developed tie breakers for final team standings in the district for seeding purposes.
Please outline all chapters approved for district games and denote and chapters not approved or agreed upon personnel scratches. *in baseball/softball - number of umpires requested, home team has official book and pitch count unless otherwise agreed *In football - agreement on clock operators and line to gain crew (home team provides or chapter) *In soccer - two man crews or three man crews *In volleyball, line judges (schools provide or chapter)
To include but no limited to discussion and agreement on District Passes, Admission to contests, facilities, and auxiliary groups.
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