An End-of-Season All-District Meeting is held at the end of each particular sport’s season. The head coach of each school should be in attendance. The All-District Team is selected along with the district’s state representatives. In addition, any district issues that came up during the season should be addressed.

1. All District Organization

  • Each school shall be represented at the All District Selection meeting
  • Each school shall rank their players for consideration
  • Each school shall have only one vote towards All District Selection
  • Each school shall present student information for consideration
    • Statistics
    • Other information
  • Each District shall determine the number of players to be represented on
    • First Team
    • Second Team
    • Honorable Mention
    • Not to exceed the number of players on the All State teams (TAPPS By-Laws Section 139. G)
  • Superlatives
    • Districts may determine superlatives (Offensive Player of the Year, etc)
    • Superlative winners should be determined after the initial ranking of the All District Teams
    • Superlatives winner must also be ranked for All State Consideration

2. All District Selection Process

  • The top ranked player from each school shall be placed in consideration for the All District Team
  • The committee shall vote to determine the number one player in the District.
  • The number two player from that school will now be elevated for consideration with the remaining top ranked players from the other schools.
  • The committee shall vote to determine the number two player in the District.
  • The next player from that school will be elevated to be considered with the remaining player pool.
  • The committee shall vote to determine the number three player in the District.
  • The process shall continue in this manner until the All District Teams are complete.
  • Districts should review the First Team All District rankings in respect to the All State meetings to ensure that the player rankings will best serve the district when the All State team is selected.
  • Districts should not predetermine player rankings based on the order of team finish in the district. (ie. District champion receives first two places, runner up next two places, etc.)

3. District President shall

  • Compile All District Rankings
  • Complete the TAPPS All District selection process on TAPPS database
  • Complete the All District Selection Process prior to the first round of playoffs for the classification or division as shown on the official TAPPS Calendar. District shall not wait to determine playoff success in advance of submitting the All District teams.