A District Preseason Meeting should be held at the beginning of each particular sport’s season. The head coach and athletic director of each school should be in attendance. The minutes from their District Organizational Meeting should be reviewed as well as any specific or particular information pertaining to the sport and each school.

1. Correct and update District Directory with any coaching additions/changes

2. Review District Rules for Tie-Breakers

3. Review District Rules for Make-up games

4. Review approved Officials Chapters for District Games as well as number of officials required in a district contest

5. Discuss any issues with Transfers

  • Review TAPPS Transfer Procedures and Deadlines

6. Review District Schedule

  • Remind schools not to schedule any games on dates that are reserved for tie-breakers
  • Review District Certification Date
  • Sub-varsity games – JV and Junior High

7. Review each school’s home facility

  • Address
  • Parking
  • Dressing Facility
  • Seating – home, away, student section
  • Particulars of each facility

8. Review each school’s home facility and procedures for home games

  • Admission and passes
  • Game Times
  • Home game administrators
  • Discuss Home game personnel – clock, book, etc.
  • Half-time performances
  • Health and Safety – AED, Trainer, Ambulance, etc.

9. Review and Discuss any other District Issues and Concerns

10. Review Date, Time and Location of End-of-Season All-District Meeting