District Organization Planning Guide

  1. The TEMPORARY DISTRICT PRESIDENT is denoted on the published district alignment pages.
  2. The responsibility of the TEMPORARY DISTRICT PRESIDENT is to call and preside over the organizational meeting.


  1. The district shall elect a DISTRICT PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT.
  2. The district shall notify the TAPPS office of the district leadership through the form linked HERE.
  3. DISTRICT SECRETARY shall be elected to keep minutes of all district meetings and to distribute the minutes to all schools and the TAPPS office.
  4. The district shall establish rules governing contests to include:
    1. Season Tie Breakers to determine district seeding into the TAPPS championship brackets,
    2. If no Tie Breaker is determined, the provisions presented in Section 133 of the TAPPS By-Laws shall apply,
    3. Game tie breakers in the event tie breakers are not specified in the governing rules,
    4. Guidelines for makeup contests which may be required throughout the season.  These contests should be made up as close to the originally scheduled date as possible.
    5. Rescheduling of district contests
  5. The district shall develop provisions in all sports to cover game cancellation to include:
    1. Game cancellation fee which is payable to TAPPS for disbursement to district schools
    2. If season is cancelled, provisions required by the district for reinstatement in future years in accordance with Section 1 of the TAPPS By-Laws.
  6. Develop district schedules for all applicable sports which are compliant with Section 133 and 138 of the TAPPS By-Laws.
  7. Contracts shall be written and maintained for all district FOOTBALL contests.  A copy of the generic TAPPS Game Contract may be used.
  8. The DISTRICT shall establish the process for approving students transferring to district schools in keeping with Section 104 of the TAPPS By-Laws.
  9. Schedule the Pre-Season meetings for all sports.
  10. Schedule Post Season meetings for all sports to determine all district teams, determine representatives to attend TAPPS all state meetings, and conclude district business.
  11. Set district fees.
  12. Determine possible and approve Officials Chapters to be used in district play.
  13. Determine game film sharing policies and requirements.
  14. Other Business