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Fall Band

Monday, October 24 (TAPPSter Entry Deadline October 3)

Midway ISD, Panther Stadium, Waco

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2016 NFHS Network Live Stream (UPDATED)

2016 Results


As an exhibition event (Awards given but no Henderson Cup points), TAPPS will host a Fall Band opportunity at the conclusion of the Drumline Event.   This event is SEPARATE from DRUMLINE. 

Marching Band & Field Band (non marching):   Although this event is separate from Drumline, to add Fall Band to your TAPPS contract, register for Drumline on your TAPPS contract.  Entry Fee for 1st event is covered with your membership contract.  Entry fee for an additional group is $100 payable at the event.  (ex. Drumline 1st event no fee, Marching Band 2nd event $100).


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