Category Descriptions

Some images may fall into more than one category.

Students should consider each category carefully before making a placement decision. 

Students are limited to 3 photos per category. Faculty entries are judged in one large division, and may enter as many images as they like.

Entry fee is $3 per photo entry for students and $2 per photo entry for faculty.


  • Animals –  scenes where the wildlife, domestic, livestock and/or pets are the emphasis.
  • Still Life – Inanimate objects, found or purposely arranged in a unique order.
  • Experimental/Enhanced – An image that has been noticeably altered or combined with photographic elements from other images using digital editing software. A good digitally constructed images will convey a theme or idea, and reflect the student’s understanding of good composition, design, light, etc. All components of the entry must be the original work of the student. 
  • Waterscapes/Seascapes – Scenes of water, natural or created, with the various objects it contains. 
  • Scenic/Landscapes – Natural scenes of land, with the various objects it contains. Whether close to home or in faraway lands, capture the tranquility, marvel, majesty or intrigue of nature.
  • Cityscape/Urban Architecture – Design and style of man-made structure(s) or object(s), taken either day or night, in a city setting
  • Student Life –  Scenes of campus life, student activities, etc. Strong student life photos communicate emotion and take the viewer to the moment when the image was captured. 
  • Sports – Images of any sport, including individual and team sports. Not limited to sports associated with your school. Strong sports images tell the story of the game or competition, capture peak action, or communicate emotion from those participating in the event. 
  • Portrait (Formal) – A posed photograph of a person or group that makes good and creative use of the photographic process. A strong formal portrait will communicate something about the subject to the viewer through such things as pose, expression, use of light (both studio and on location), etc. 
  • Portrait (Informal) – A posed or candid image of a person. Informal portraits can be posed or candid, but should not utilize a studio or complex lighting techniques.