Restricted and Non-Restricted Equipment


Restricted Equipment

RESTRICTED equipment may be used once Shells/Full Pads are allowed. Below is a list of examples of restricted equipment.

  • Protective Player Equipment (helmets, shoulder pads (hard & soft shell), thigh pads, knee pads, etc…)
  • Sleds (Blocking, Tackling, and Specialty Sleds/Dummies)
    • 1-man, 2-man, 3-man, 4-man, 5-man, 7-man, etc…
    • Post Mount/Stationary/Hanging Equipment

  • Run Through’s (Blaster, Gauntlet, etc…)


  • Hand Free Shields


  • Mobile Tackling Dummies
    • Shadow Man, MVP Drive, etc…


Non-Restricted Equipment

NON-RESTRICTED equipment may be used anytime during the season or while school is in session.  Below is a list of examples of non-restricted equipment.

  • Dummies (Stand-Up, Pop-Up, and Step-over Dummies)


  • Hand Shields

  • Tackle Wheels/Donuts

  • Player Equipment (Soft Shell helmets)