Grace Christian Academy

GCA Middle School Volleyball Tournament
September 24-25
$200 Entry Fee, 5 games guaranteed

GCA JV Volleyball Tournament
September 9-10
Entry Fee $225 , 5 games guaranteed

GCA Varsity Volleyball Tournament
August 20-21
Entry Fee $250, 5 games guaranteed

Ashlie Ardoin Fry
[email protected]
Please let us know if you would like to enter any of our tournaments. We have a few spots left!
posted 4/15/21

Fellowship Academy
Date(s) of Game Needed
Sept 21 JV (home)
Oct 7 JV/V (away)
Oct 19 JV/V( home)
Julie White
Need to fill a few VB dates.
posted 4/14/21

League City Bay Area Christian
Date(s) of Game Needed
Varsity/JV: 8/26, 9/2, 9/16, 10/14
JV only: 10/12, 10/28
Jennifer Hall
We’re hosting a 16 team 7th and 8th grade tournament.
8th grade dates: Friday & Saturday 9/10-9/11
7th grade dates: Friday & Saturday 9/17-9/18
We’re hosting our 3rd annual BACS Varsity Volleyball Invitational on Friday & Saturday 8/20 & 8/21. We have a few spots left in this 16 team tournament!
posted 4/9/21

Azle Christian School
Date(s) of Game Needed
8/17 Varsity Home or Away
8/19 Varsity Home
8/31 Varsity Home or Away
9/7 Varsity Home or Away
9/9 Varsity Home or Away
Sarah Kabetzke
Needing to fill a few spots. New to TAPPS. Thank you!
posted 4/7/21

Monsignor Kelly Catholic High School
Date(s) of Game Needed
For Jv and Varsity:
8/10- Home
8/17 – Home or Away
8/19 – Home
8/26 – Home
9/23 – Home or Away
Payton Hawley
[email protected]
I need these dates for both JV and Varsity
posted 4/2/21

Trinity Christian Academy– Willow Park
Date(s) of Game Needed
8/26 JV only home or away
10/14 JV/V away
Also interested in any JV tournaments
Anabel Kruse
Info on JH or JV tournaments welcome!
posted 4/2/21
Fellowship Academy
Date(s) of Game Needed
Sept 21 JV (Home)
Oct 7 JV/V (Away)
Oct 14 JV (Home)
Oct 19 JV/V (Home)
Julie White
Need JV/V dates filled
posted 4/2/21
Northland Christian is needing Varsity Only, non-district volleyball games on the following dates:
posted 4/2/21
Bethesda Christian School
Date(s) of Game Needed
For JV and Varsity:
8/24 – Away
9/2 – Home or Away
9/14 – Home or Away
9/16 – Home or Away
9/21 – Home or Away
9/23 – Home or Away
Hannah Ray
Need to fill these dates for both JV and Varsity. Also looking to pick up one more tournament – let me know if interested! Thanks!
posted 3/25/21
Galveston O’Connell
Date(s) of Game Needed
Hosting Varsity Tournament: August 12-14, 2021
Derek Martin
Galveston O’Connell (TAPPS 2A) has 3 spots left in the annual Galveston O’Connell Island Invitational Volleyball Tournament on August 12-14, 2021. This will be a 16-team tournament, with pool play taking place on Thursday & Friday, and bracket play on Saturday. All teams will be guaranteed 6 matches (3 in pool play, and 3 in bracket play). Trophies will be awarded for the top finishers in each bracket, and all tournament medals will also be awarded. There will be a hospitality room for coaches available. Join us for a great weekend of volleyball and enjoy Galveston Island!
posted 3/17/21
Lucas Christian Academy 3A
Date(s) of Game Needed
Sept 2 Away
Sept 7 Home
Sept 9 Away
Sept 14 Home or Away
Sept 21 Away
Kathleen F Trotter
Varsity, JV, Also have JH A and B that need games.
I have additional dates for JH A and B – please inquire if interested
posted 2/11/21
StoneGate Christian Academy (1A)
Date(s) of Game Needed
Aug. 10 – Varsity (Home or Away)
Aug. 17 – Varsity (Home or Away)
Aug. 19 – Varsity (Home or Away)
Aug. 24 – Varsity (Home or Away)
Aug. 31 – JH and Varsity (Home or Away)
Sept. 7 – JH and Varsity (Home)
Sept. 16th or 17th – JH and Varsity (Home)
Oct. 11th or 12th – JH and Varsity (Home or Away)
Matt Maples
SGCA is hosting an 8-team tournament (primarily for 1A-2A) on September 2nd-4th. One pool (4 teams) will play on Thursday, a second pool (4 different teams) will play on Friday. Bracket play will be on Saturday. There is a guarantee of 5 games per team. We only have a few spots left, please contact Matt Maples at [email protected] if you are interested.
posted 2/8/21
Cornerstone Christian Academy– McKinney
Date(s) of Game Needed
Aug. 19- 2 JH, JV , Var.
Aug. 26- 2 JH, JV, Var.
Sept. 7- 2 JH, JV, Var.
Sept. 9- 2 JH, JV. Var.
Sept. 14- 2 JH, JV. Var
Sept. 16 2 JH
Sept. 21– 2 JH, JV. Var
Sept. 23- 2 JH, JV. Var
Heidi Mullins
I am also looking for on JH tournament, a JV tournament to add to our schedule.
posted 2/4/21

Hill Country Christian School (1A)

We will be hosting volleyball tournaments for the 2021 season for TAPPS 1-3A or similar schools. Tournaments include pool play on Friday and bracket play with a two game guarantee on Saturday. If you are interested in having your team(s) participate please contact Leslie Olson at [email protected]
  • Varsity Tournament – August 20 & 21
  • JV Tournament – September 3 & 4
  • Middle School Tournament – October 1 & 2
posted 2/1/21

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