Jump Off

The athletes entered will all be lined up and asked to do a toe touch. There will be 1 winner from each line. After everyone jumps, we begin again with the winners from each line. At that point we can ask them to do optional jumps as needed.

Tumble Off

The athletes will tumble in progression starting with back handsprings and moving up to round off handspring full. If there are multiple athletes with this skill they will be asked to execute their hardest tumbling pass and the one who performs this with the best technique will be the winner of tumble off.


Routine is limited to 1 minute and 30 seconds.  Please note that music is highly encouraged.  (it is worth 5 points under Overall Routine Effect).  Click Here for STUNT RUBRIC

The top finalists receive a certificate. The winner of each receives a medal.

Log into Rank One and view your Varsity Cheer roster.
As you created your team entry, there is a separate button for individual entries. Click the Individual Entries button.
On the Entry page for Individuals, click the jump, tumble, stunt, or mascot boxes for those doing individuals.
When you save, there will be an invoice amount at the top of the page and you can print that for your fees.