2023 Debate Topic

Resolved: Justice requires open borders for human migration.

“For the 2023 contest, debate and persuasive speaking students may utilize internet resources for preparation.”

LD Debate Rules


Judge Training Course


TAPPSCON23 March Update

      PRESENTED BY: Attendee Registration Information   There are four events being offered at TAPPSCON 2023. Registration is through TAPPS Tickets (HomeTown Ticketing).    TAPPSCON23 Fine Arts Day Date: June 7 Time: 9:00am-5:45pm Location:...

Fine Arts – Save the Date

Fine Art Directors and Directors: The new year started fast with the Dance Championships and we look forward to all of the events to come. We continue to prepare for TAPPSCON 23 as well. We have reserved Wednesday, June 7 as our all things Fine Arts day. As our...

TAPPSCON22 Session List – 5/25/22

TAPPS Administrators and Staff, The TAPPSCON List of Sessions  document is posted on the TAPPSCON 2022 webpage. The 2022 breakout sessions cover a variety of topics beginning with TAPPS fine arts and athletic activities. Sessions of interest to all include Sports...

Virginia Wirth Speech Award

The Virginia Wirth Award is given annually to the students who earn the most points at the TAPPS Championships in the speech events.  Students earn points in each category listed above by finishing in the top eight (8) places. Lincoln Douglas Debate also counts towards this honor.